The Demise of My Memory Maker

Well… yes… it was kind of like that… the "demise"… my beloved camera, close friend and constant memory maker…. *deep thought* (Mind goes back to the time my cam took a dive with my Sigma 17-70mm… splitting my Sigma in 2 and camera shutter… whining for life…it seriously was whining… motor spinning! I almost felt it calling out for help, but I put it to rest when I turned it off…

But, I shall not fret… as that little buddy of mine will be resurrected soon.  It is now sitting in the Canon hospital waiting for a new heart and aorta surgery!  All the way from Japan, I guess… A new synthetic, fluttering heart… or rather shutter and lens mount… definately a bionic combination… Doc said that it’s heart will be as good as new and I will be able to count up from zero shutter count!

Cool beans!

Now the million dollar question… (it’s only a million dollar because a million photographer ask the question all the time!)

Option 1 >>> Sell it off after fixing and buy new camera and a kit lens and smile like the young lady behind the counter at KFC who’s just gotten a RM10 tip….


Option 2 >>> buy 2 spanking new lens and smile like I’ve just reach land after swimming for days in shark infested waters?

Damn it…. you tell me lah.. 😉

Blog Like Big Mama!!!

Well, it’s about time I got into some serious writing!  The weeks passed, I have been swamped in a plethora of work commitments that just seems to swim in when you least expect it to come…. but I have kept a proper vigil on my TWEETS and KenCanQuotes! (KCQ) after all… if I can’t blog like Big Mama… at the very least I can tweet like Twitty!…

But, nvm… keep my blogs short… and then I’ll blog more often whenever 140 characters isn’t enough… 😉


Nobody Learns to Swim without Water

I recently wrote a quote about facing challenges is like learning to swim.

Well, to learn how to swim you need water and nobody learns to swim without water.  So what if you are having a hard time… your daily regime playing it hard on you?  Well, you need it, my friends. 

Those little challenges put together makes up for a whole bunch of opportunities for achievements!  See everything with an end in mind.  There is a purpose to what you are doing, even if it seems pointless at first.  Nobody can say that they are doing something for nothing.  There is simply no such thing.  Even the most ridiculous task are accomplished because you simply want to prove something.

Well, this KCQ quote came up because I was personally facing a hard time with piles of work and responsibilities.  And I guess I put myself out there because I know what I do has a purpose.  Sometimes the the unglamorous problems and unimaginable difficulties get the better of you the first time around… but then change your attitude towards these challenges and DARE it to hit you again..

I bet you, you’d do better the second time around. 😉

Happy swimming!

When You Get Busy, Things Get More Exciting…

Yup guys, very fast and it’s already near the end of the year… but here at this end, it’s the beginning of excitement.  Strangely enough, contrary to usual times, we should be winding down, sipping cups of coffee celebrating a good year of excitement at work.  But, really, this time… no such thing!

The fun’s just picking up… and do you know why I call it fun?!!  Every single second is never the same! You get whisk away from one thing to another…  So, if u’ve not seen me for a while, you should know how things are!

But, nevertheless.. I don’t miss tweeting several times a day… catch me on Twitter @