The Demise of My Memory Maker

Well… yes… it was kind of like that… the "demise"… my beloved camera, close friend and constant memory maker…. *deep thought* (Mind goes back to the time my cam took a dive with my Sigma 17-70mm… splitting my Sigma in 2 and camera shutter… whining for life…it seriously was whining… motor spinning! I almost felt it calling out for help, but I put it to rest when I turned it off…

But, I shall not fret… as that little buddy of mine will be resurrected soon.  It is now sitting in the Canon hospital waiting for a new heart and aorta surgery!  All the way from Japan, I guess… A new synthetic, fluttering heart… or rather shutter and lens mount… definately a bionic combination… Doc said that it’s heart will be as good as new and I will be able to count up from zero shutter count!

Cool beans!

Now the million dollar question… (it’s only a million dollar because a million photographer ask the question all the time!)

Option 1 >>> Sell it off after fixing and buy new camera and a kit lens and smile like the young lady behind the counter at KFC who’s just gotten a RM10 tip….


Option 2 >>> buy 2 spanking new lens and smile like I’ve just reach land after swimming for days in shark infested waters?

Damn it…. you tell me lah.. 😉