Sunday Wheels is Back!

Wow… this whole comeback thing is great.  A couple weeks ago, I did say I was gonna bring back a lot of my old routines (including blogging, thanks to the reminders of some very persuasive friends and their wonderfully knowing cynical smiles…)

Smile with tongue out

Well, anyway I ended up psyching myself up for a ride on Sunday!  It helped a bit that I was back on this exercise and diet routine that I started since the beginning of the month.

I was actually suppose to ride on Saturday with Team IR on a newbie ride, but unfortunately, woke up late.  (I know ‘no excuses’, but give me a bit of time while I strengthen my ‘will-power’!)… lol.  Nevertheless, the Sunday ride was on! 

I got out of bed promptly got my bike into the car and met up with Francis in Taman Tun… we started our ride at 6:15am… and made our way to the Curve where we were suppose to rendezvous with a few more friends… but lo and behold, I was surprised when it was actually the special appearance by team captain, Ewan… oops… I haven’t been riding for a while so I expected a good talking-to.  lol… But, there was none of that and it was actually just like old times. 

and I felt good!  great even!  We rode via Sg Buloh up to the Guthrie Highway and took a ride on the motorcycle lane (a famous starting route for weekend riders).  We knew other riders would be around, ie. BJCC as well as the PCC group along this route and 3 of us proceeded to ride to the Ijok exit and there we grouped up with several other riders.

2012-10-21 09.05.25

It was wonderful to meet familiar faces… perhaps the surprise was more on their end as they saw a person who has been missing for quite a while now. Midpoint through the ride, I felt really good.. all the fears about not being able to keep up was unfounded. 

We rode up to the petronas station of Ijok where about 20 over cyclist was gathered as well.  A brief 20 mins stop at the station allowed us to catch up and me to rekindle with old friends about what I how I was doing.

But you’d be surprised at how that small moment just gave me enough spark to light me up inside, getting my motivation back.  A lot of encouraging words was exchanged between fellow cyclists and even just for the fact that they still remembered me and asked about my activities, gave me some really serious motivation.

2012-10-21 09.05.14

The ride back to where we started was filled with lots of happy thoughts and excitement that I was coming back to something i really loved.  And at the end of the ride as I was packing my bike up, thoughts of many more exciting and fun rides to come, filled my head and I was already planning for future longer rides!  Won’t be missing a weekend if I can help it.

Sunday’s ride : Taman Tun – Ijok – Taman Tun
Distance : 92.5km

I City, Shah Alam

IMG_1378 Yesterday, we took a drive down to the well-talked about, I City in Klang.  Thanks to the pictures taken by a friend, Antonia… it got me curious about going and having a look.

When we got there, we found this nice little patch of place with new shop and office block… greeted first by a garden of faux colourful trees!  I was sceptical at first… thinking how small this garden was… but as I went around the shops.. I realised the lighting theme was carried around the place even between the shop lots.

Well, we got there at 5:00pm… partly due to the wife being overly excited… Here are the "day" pics..

IMG_1302 IMG_1333 IMG_1336


IMG_1314 IMG_1342
IMG_1345 IMG_1346
IMG_1349 IMG_1355

Beautiful right???!!!  It was like being Alice in Wonderland… well, if I had a dress of course!

But, at night… all my scepticism… was replaced by awe!

IMG_1384 IMG_1390
IMG_1402 IMG_1408
IMG_1413 IMG_1421
IMG_1431 IMG_1462
IMG_1456 IMG_1445

Yup!  The whole place was lit up like, Christmas and Chinese New Year never went away! Hehehe….

It was an amazing experience to see so much lights…. but, the joke was, we arrived at 8:15pm… and I was so worried about them switching off the lights for EARTH HOUR at 8:30pm!!!

But, instead… the whole experience was exactly OPPOSITE to the Earth Hour concept… hehehe.. the whole place where full of lights!  Golly me!

Guess, heart and awe played more importance for this place than energy saving!

But, nevertheless, a great experience! 🙂