It’s All Connected!

Sweet apple, honey coated pumpkin pie!!! 

I forgot how fun this was…. I guess I had it all set up when I networked all my SNS stuffs altogether… A single blog that linked to a shoutout in my Twitter status that is connected to my Facebook, MySpace, Multiply and Plaxo status… Hehehe…

But seriously?!! That’s plain ‘ol LAZY!!! But, nvm… as long as I also spend enough time living a life so I can blog about it, then that’s good enough… nothing could be worse than blogging about blogging… 😛

KCQ Inspirations

Hope you guys have been reading or at least “bumped” into my KCQ quotes on Twitter and FaceBook… Thanks for those of you who have given me some inspiration for the quotes.  Yup, some of the thoughts came by what you said or shared.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’d run out of things to say, and just as the thoughts seem to run dry, a couple more peep around the corner.

Hope to be writing more and thanks again for reading! 😉

When You Get Busy, Things Get More Exciting…

Yup guys, very fast and it’s already near the end of the year… but here at this end, it’s the beginning of excitement.  Strangely enough, contrary to usual times, we should be winding down, sipping cups of coffee celebrating a good year of excitement at work.  But, really, this time… no such thing!

The fun’s just picking up… and do you know why I call it fun?!!  Every single second is never the same! You get whisk away from one thing to another…  So, if u’ve not seen me for a while, you should know how things are!

But, nevertheless.. I don’t miss tweeting several times a day… catch me on Twitter @

KCQ… quotes…

Hmm… I think I should spend sometime elaborating on 140c of my quotes on twitter.  Well, most of the time the tweets are self-explanatory or though-provoking enough, I still do get the occasional “sceptic-eyes”… and “dirty looks”… 🙂

Ok… a little more hardworking then…