Finding the Time to Exercise

Corbis-42-29579460The title says it all, doesn’t it.  Finding the time to balance everything is already a challenge.  Balancing work, family and time for yourself is usually a full time affair, with one ending up not really getting the right balance most of the time.  It isn’t hard to see that work takes up most of the time.  The interesting thing is,my friends and acquaintances often ask me how I have so much time to spare to the activities I am currently enjoying, running, cycling and moving around.  Little do they know, that what they see, which are usually the posts that I put up on my Facebook is a small part of my day.  It’s a small part which I dedicate to these activities.  Personally, I find it motivating to share as well as to receive comments and advice on what you could do better. 

Anyway, that’s how it is.  Finding the right time, making a commitment and then developing a habit… lol. “developing a habit”…. simply just sounds so CLICHED doesn’t it?  Believe you me, habits is what I have hanging on to, to keep me doing what I’m doing.

It’s about setting a routine.  And for a while, I found my routine.  Sleeping early then getting up early in the morning to get out of the house… That was the best time really.  Finding the right time can be tough.  Some find it good to de-stress at the gym after work and release their pent up frustrations or work worries into their punches, pushes and all other forms of energy expenditure.  Well, I find myself tired at the end of the day and nothing I want more than just to rest up and “hit the hay”.  I do best in the mornings!…


Yeah… mornings.  Kids and wife are asleep, no clients would dare to call me that early, mind usually clearer then… and then there’s the environment, cool, fresh, calming, not much cars.  It’s really all so much more beautiful at the time. 

So, yeah… you might have noticed that I wrote in the past tense above when I talked about this routine I used to do… well, I’ve just been through one of those time where all form of this sort of routines went out the window.  But, in writing this little blog to share, I’m kind of reminding myself of how much I enjoyed it and how I’d be looking back at getting into it.

For anyone who find exercising daunting, well take it as a routine that’ll wake you up in the morning alongside brushing your teeth, taking a shower and the all important breakfast.  And out of all of these, exercising will be just the thing that’ll give you that feel-good feeling throughout!

MAKE IT A HABIT, PEEPS!Winking smile