Nobody Learns to Swim without Water

I recently wrote a quote about facing challenges is like learning to swim.

Well, to learn how to swim you need water and nobody learns to swim without water.  So what if you are having a hard time… your daily regime playing it hard on you?  Well, you need it, my friends. 

Those little challenges put together makes up for a whole bunch of opportunities for achievements!  See everything with an end in mind.  There is a purpose to what you are doing, even if it seems pointless at first.  Nobody can say that they are doing something for nothing.  There is simply no such thing.  Even the most ridiculous task are accomplished because you simply want to prove something.

Well, this KCQ quote came up because I was personally facing a hard time with piles of work and responsibilities.  And I guess I put myself out there because I know what I do has a purpose.  Sometimes the the unglamorous problems and unimaginable difficulties get the better of you the first time around… but then change your attitude towards these challenges and DARE it to hit you again..

I bet you, you’d do better the second time around. 😉

Happy swimming!

Think Like a Pro

What’s the fastest way to get your mind accustomed to new things?  Well, think about those things like how you would as a pro.  Imagine yourself being an expert in that field and in the way it works.  Visualise yourself at that very second having to give a lecture to a class of 1000 people who see you as the main man, the expert in the field.

Because when you do that, your mind will go into what I call “survival mode”, a scenario that you have no choice but to get through and survive.  Consciously and subconsciously, you will begin to receive relevant questions and some of these are answered immediately (simply because some answers are common-sense) and some will create an itch in you to find out the answers.

So the next time you get thrown into a scenario, don’t say you can’t or you don’t know anything about it, instead think like a pro!  After all, if you are thrown into a bull ring, you don’t just stand there and act stupid, you’d do all you can to SURVIVE! 🙂

Positive Thinking Helps

A little positive thinking goes a long way.  It’s a simple concept.  Think about feeling good and you’ll eventually feel good. 

You don’t have to try too hard to understand the concept, just believe that it does work and your attitude, character, thoughts and actions goes on auto mode and brings good things to you.

What mars this perfect situation is any feeling of doubts and being unsure.  An inkling or a seed of doubt can grow to become worries and concerns.  We all know these are the nature of a pessimistic attitude.

So the next time you feel the seed of negativity starting to grow… take some time to weed it out and plant some tender, loving positivity! 🙂