A New Weight and Fitness Milestone

Today is a big part of my life changing experience.  I have returned back from the dreaded line, crossing from three figures to two figures.  I’m below a hundred kg!!!! Oh my, you guys can’t begin to imagine my excitement to have achieved this new milestone.  That’s a total of 17.7kg weight loss… which I never ever want to be back to ever again in my life!

Happiness is knowing that this time, it’s for real.  Sometimes, I wonder how you don’t begin to appreciate the things you have just like a healthy body and for some people, it’s just so hard to come by.  This is by far the longest I’ve ever been so focused on getting healthy and fit… and I know it’s not ending here.

My goal is to go down to 80kg and even beyond, that’s a loss of 37kg++ of what I initially started out with… Life really can’t get any better when you become so healthy you get to enjoy it with family and loved ones!



The Power of Believe: To Be Rich

“The Power of Believe: Write a 5-figure (or more) cheque for yourself & put down the date you want to cash it out. The make it happen.”

If you hadn’t read “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, written a century ago (yup, that long)… then I suggest that you do.  If you know the book, “The Secrets” by Rhonda Byrne and if you have heard about the “Law of Attraction”, you will come to understand what I am about to tell you.

Rhonda Byrne’s quest to find the secret, (as what the law of attraction is coined in her book) started when she read Wallace’s book.  Yes, a powerful theory put to words, by a lady who was at one point in dire and desperate need for answers and change in her life.

Some may ask, why is it just about getting rich?  And emotional evangelists would say… money won’t make you happy..

Well, on the first point of relevance, I’d just say, the idea of “law of attraction” is an intangible subject, such as happiness differs from one person to another. Obviously the book takes something tangible to explain itself so that you can create in your mind, the visual of what you want.  It’s a powerful technique in affirmations and reinforcement of a belief.

On the second point, I’d like to differentiate, “richness” and “money”.  In what I have understood through reading of these many theological books, these two are both different, in the sense that one is an experience that relates to the other and not the other way around.

Being “rich” is an experience.


It’s a culmination of achievements, success, use of knowledge, experience ending with the result of a “life-of-abundance”. “Richness” isn’t about sums and figures and neither is it evil.  (Don’t understand how some people assume being rich is a bad thing)  Nowadays, when you say that someone is rich, the most accurate meaning to that is that the person has achieved a point in his life that he has most of what he wants and most likely, he is at a happy place.


“Money” on the other hand, is just a product, a tangible one, a currency that is used in exchange for goods or services.  Having a lot of money, doesn’t denote being rich.  It’s just one part of the equation. 

RF4472850 And truth to be told, the phrase, “Money is the Root of All Evil” is one of the greatest fallacies.  Human attitude towards the acquirement of money is instead the root of the outcome. 

“Treat money well, and you will be treated well with wealth.  Treat money badly, and you will suffer in poverty”.

So, I am not focusing on the tangible wealth… it’s the experience of achievements in being successful and acquiring all that you need and want… that is the true objective.

Therefore, be RICH my friends!