Making Mulahs in Your Sleep

If I learnt anything from playing those strategy games is that you need to make money or resources before you can build more things that make you more money!  Well, I sometimes wonder why it couldn’t be as simple as that in reality… having my iPhone and checking my total finances every hour or so and secretly smiling to myself as the bank vault begins to resemble a pirate’s treasure chest!

world-war-iphone-gameWhy the hell not in real life??! (Maybe real life isn’t as brutal or exciting, but….)

No reason why it couldn’t be so, if you perhaps have a couple of millions to start of with then, you wouldn’t have to slave away collecting a measly sum to begin on!  Well, the alternative is multiple form of incomes available on the internet… (shit, I am beginning to sound like an internet marketeer…well, maybe in my other blogs or postings I won’t mind, but not here)… No, no this isn’t a pitch, but rather a reminder to myself, what I can always continue to depend on when I am strapped for cash even in my SLEEP!

Ok, so what do I have… Good ‘ol…

shutterstockYup, Shutterstock… lately it’s been looking up here, cause I’ve been making an active choice in updating the gallery now and then… I even have an alarm on my phone that rings everynight at 10:30pm and says “Shutterstock” time! :-)  Yup, don’t overstress yourself… submit an image a day, and you’ll have a gallery of 365 by year’s end.  Miss a day and replace it back the following…

I’ve been a member of the stock agency for 5 years now, most of the time I’ve left the gallery to sell itself… so far so good… Much better than any investment I’ve owned so far… well, really what could be better than having your images sell over and over again… ;-)… at USD$0.33 a pop… and about 300-400 downloads per month… that’s a goldmine just liquifying its way into my Paypal account..

Now… how to I make that x10 times more?!! Hmm…. well, just keep replicating and creating new shots… may take more effort as compared to clicking a few buttons on your strategy game, but then again, this is REAL!

For a little extra magic in your wallet, don’t just stick the same images in Shutterstock, put them on Fotolia, Dreamstime, IStockphoto… just a few of the many stock galleries online, some pay better, some have better hit rates, some cater to different buyers… etc.

Ok, good… now that I’ve kept myself reminded on a good money making potential, I’m gonna stick to my daily upload schedule..

…and unfortunately I still feel like a sad peddler for “selling” this idea, but hey… help a friend, help yourself… have fun and good luck creating beautiful pics!