The Perodua Alza : MPV or just car?

MPV = Family!

Well, not anymore, my sophisticated friends… MPV nowadays just means having more people for the partaaaayy! (or more room to puke after the partay… :-P)

Ok… that didn’t sound quite right.  But, perhaps ‘more room’ should keep ya listening.  I tell you, recently or perhaps for sometime now, Perodua seems to always have their best act together pulling out great hat-tricks to put Proton in their tail-dust.

Only less than a year after Proton reveals the first national MPV, which certainly had heads turning at the start, Perodua pulls the table cloth from underneath Proton’s comfy table and makes a red carpet/curtain entrance into the main stage with their latest Perodua Alza.

I guess the designers of the car is probably laughing right at this moment for having thought of something that is neither here nor there but should be everywhere in everyone’s thoughts.  Because in the ad campaigns and WOM (word-of-mouth) many are asking.. is this a true MPV or a car that looks like an MPV?  And the price it goes for, just teases you in both directions! 😉



When I first had my eyes first set on the real car, I immediately see the similarities with the new Honda Jazz especially from the front and side profile.  See the similarities with the third and last piece of window?








This just shows how sporty this new MPV is and it takes the most beautiful cues from Toyota Passo Sette, which it models itself from.

The Alza goes for a great price approx at RM66k for the metallic 1.5 Automatic version, just about RM16k above the best selling car in Malaysia, little brother Perodua Myvi. Nice!

It’s not bad as a first car, really… what would really tip in favour of young graduates getting the vehicle is really how easy it would be to convince mom and dad that the extra room would make for a lot more family time! 😉






Well, personally I foresee many Proton Exora and Toyota Avanza cancellation orders, for those who are a mix between sportiness and space.  The Alza should be filling the roads in a year or two’s time.

(Damn, I’m seriously considering this as a second car, should my plan fail to convince the minister of finance about the Kia Forte!)