A Reminder to Make it “Bite-Size”


I’m on the plane headed to Kuching to be part of organising an exciting cycling event, the Sarawak Cyclefest 2013 event. Thought I’d add a little post from my phone and upload it once we touch down.

It’s so great to be surrounded by lots of active lifestyle activities. It’s really about putting your mental and physical in it and just realising that you could do it at whatever level you are. Last week I started Goya90, my own programme for getting fit and that’s been keeping me moving. As I got busy this week with work, I realise all the more reason I needed to keep having the motivation to stay active between other things in my life. Well, now I’m on the plane and my mind is just reeling with ideas of how I would creatively accomplish my physical goals.

I’m reading the international edition of Men’s Fitness and it’s a great collection of little fitness ideas to apply. “31 Days to Your Fittest Ever” is a collection of reminders throughout everyday, the little changes you can do to make a difference. From as simple as drinking water to doing sets of 3 sets workouts to swapping a couple of food items, it doesn’t go any harder than that.

Yeah, I find sometimes I stress myself put over challenging and big ambitions, but really what I should always be doing is to keep the changes “bite-size”. It will accumulate over time and I will see myself developing new habits in time to come. No rush. It’s all about not quitting and not overwhelming myself.

I’m glad to be at it and I’ll keep to it.. Stay active, keep fit and enjoy a great life. 😀

Enough is enough!

Doesn’t it fear you when you see something spiralling out of your control and will end up being very, very bad if you don’t do something about it?!  Goodness… frustrations and woes.  Yup, my fitness isn’t looking too good and the digital number on my digital scale finds it a real laugh when I stand on top of it everyday changing my expressions from looks of surprise, to shock to HORRORS!

Damn it… for a guy to be worried about weight gain, that’s pathetic isn’t it?!

But, then again, although weight is at the top of my list to physically change, it should really be on the last of the list of what I should be concerned about.  Yeah, without dwelling in the dumps on the thoughts of weight gaining, I realise the best is to focus on being able to do more, get fitter and eventually stand in front of the mirror in full nudity. looking and feeling GREAT!

So, I say here and now, enough is enough!  I know I’ve done this before and I was so happy then, I’m getting happy back and this time, I’ll keep it in my back pocket and maybe on my face where I’ll willingly smile like a fool and frown like a fat idiot…

Enough is enough!!!

64607_478353570398_1136620_a Yup, horrors… (luckily this was a picture from way, way back…)
but it motivated me the last round, it should do again for this round.
Smile with tongue out

Just Feeling Good

I realised I overslept this morning… Woke up late. But the interesting thing is, if everything just falls into place from the get-go, it’s gonna be just alright.  Having woke up late, the next thing to do was just to put everything together, freshen up and get ready to head out.  Just as if it was meant to be, I had my "Feel-Good" songs album all set up in the car… and I was singing to Lionel Richie’s "Dancing on the Ceiling… 🙂

Today was just a little different.  Seems like the start of a "Feel-Good" day. :) 

Sometimes When You Are Down

Sometimes when you are down, when motivation seems to escape you, you wonder what is there to keep you going.  I wonder… it’s times like this which I think we focus too much on the current.  Too much on what is happening at the moment and all the things that weigh heavily on ourselves.


Then you hear the common advice.  "Don’t worry so much, things will be better".  Well, sometimes when the horizon is obscured by a haze of confusion and seemingly unending distance, we lose sight of the destination.  When I talk about losing sight, it’s the visual sight that each of us should be having in our minds that keep us moving.

Well, clichéd as the phrase may be, but nothing was ever accomplished without someone believing that there will a finish to the task.  We also sometimes fail to realise that the task at hand may not just be what we are currently doing, but what we will eventually do, because of how we visualise our future.

If you choose to be always happy, then focus on that.  What happens now to make you upset isn’t going to remain because you know deep down, staying unhappy isn’t what you want to always feel.

If you choose to be successful, then focusing on that means there is no doubt, it will come to reality and the only question that begs an answer from that is… when?

If you believe that life is going to change for you financially, then it is bound to happen, if focus your actions on the belief that you will be in a good place.

If you choose to be healthy, well eventually you will be because unless something so bad has struck you down and you become totally incapable of thinking (which isn’t possible, unless you go into a vegetative state coma) then you would have willed yourself to be so.

Constantly remind yourself, what is it that you want.  Then ask who and what you need to get it done. Well, it always starts with something not necessarily physical… just make it a belief.

Today, you feel down.

But, don’t think about feeling DOWN today.

Think about feeling UP tomorrow!

Today will pass and tomorrow, will be another day which you can believe it’ll happen.

Have a good day and feel good!