Kia : My Forte Is This!

It’s not often I talk about cars on my blog, in fact… come to think of it, never.  But, nevertheless, like other things that catches my eyes, I thought I’d start putting some of the ones that has really gotten my attention.

Here’s this piece of beautiful machinery:kia-forte-official-img_13

Yup!  It’s the Kia Forte baby! And it’s in town!

You know… I am really amazed at how beautiful cars are become more affordable… or is it the other way around, how affordable cars are becoming more beautiful.  This new Kia Forte which is pitted against big brothers like the Civic, Corolla Altis and Lancer stands apart with it’s under RM80k price tag for a base model, RM75,800 to be precise!  Can you beat that?  You’d have every baby of the house, having graduated and getting their first cars, running to mommy and daddy asking for an upgrade of RM25k to buy the Forte instead of a Perodua Myvi 1.3EZi!

Even the full spec 2.0 model has a cool, sub RM100k price tag.. (only RM93,800) the perfect tool for extracting drool from white collared, young

Hmm.. you know, it’s hard when candy starts being thrown at you!  A good lick and that’s it.  This wasn’t the first candy I had encountered.  My next blog will be talking about what got me into this candy-feeding frenzy!


But, you gotta admit, it is beautiful isn’t it?  And for the price tag, resale value will be something you’d put aside for the moment while you practice your smug look in the rearview mirror as you speed down the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur.

kia-forte-official-img_14 KIA, continue to outdo yourselves!