The Things to be Thankful For…

I have so many things to be thankful for today.

Today, my son is 4 days old.  And he’s the most adorable little boy I’ve seen.  Of course my daughter, the other love of my life is the most adorable girl. :-)  I feel so proud, excited and happy to have a prince and a princess.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more than having the most wonderful family to love.


I have just come back from my Tue night cycling ride and a short run with friends.  It really throws things into perspective when you realise how far you have come from where you were before.  I feel proud being able to do the physical things that I could never have imagined just a few short months back.  For everyone who’s always asked, it’s really a new phase of life that I am in.  I learnt to be proud of myself and for anything else that I am not doing well enough, I’d just turn it around and improve on it.

My daughter is sleeping on her own for the first time today.  I stepped into her room quietly just now to see how she was.  She looked so much like an angel. Sleeping peacefully.  I’m proud of her and I love her.  My son’s asleep right now so I’ll see him in the morning and tell him I love him just like what I have been doing every hour that I see him.


I City, Shah Alam

IMG_1378 Yesterday, we took a drive down to the well-talked about, I City in Klang.  Thanks to the pictures taken by a friend, Antonia… it got me curious about going and having a look.

When we got there, we found this nice little patch of place with new shop and office block… greeted first by a garden of faux colourful trees!  I was sceptical at first… thinking how small this garden was… but as I went around the shops.. I realised the lighting theme was carried around the place even between the shop lots.

Well, we got there at 5:00pm… partly due to the wife being overly excited… Here are the "day" pics..

IMG_1302 IMG_1333 IMG_1336


IMG_1314 IMG_1342
IMG_1345 IMG_1346
IMG_1349 IMG_1355

Beautiful right???!!!  It was like being Alice in Wonderland… well, if I had a dress of course!

But, at night… all my scepticism… was replaced by awe!

IMG_1384 IMG_1390
IMG_1402 IMG_1408
IMG_1413 IMG_1421
IMG_1431 IMG_1462
IMG_1456 IMG_1445

Yup!  The whole place was lit up like, Christmas and Chinese New Year never went away! Hehehe….

It was an amazing experience to see so much lights…. but, the joke was, we arrived at 8:15pm… and I was so worried about them switching off the lights for EARTH HOUR at 8:30pm!!!

But, instead… the whole experience was exactly OPPOSITE to the Earth Hour concept… hehehe.. the whole place where full of lights!  Golly me!

Guess, heart and awe played more importance for this place than energy saving!

But, nevertheless, a great experience! 🙂