Today I Started Running

Don’t know really how I got myself out the door just on two legs today, Decided to leave Samson and Delilah to rest at home after having taken both of them out in the weekend.

Thanks to a couple of friends on Facebook, I decided to have a go at running.  I remembered, the last time I did it, was in June during the Standard Chartered KL Marathon… Ran 10km and came in huffing and puffing for air thinking like that was my greatest achievement ever! 😛

What a far cry it was as I ran my 10km from home today.  Easy run, with a couple of sighseeing stops but managed to do 10km at roughly the same time with less effort.  I gotta thank the cycling I’ve done for this.  But, then again I must be really, really slow compared to seasoned runners. 

The best part was, I enjoyed myself… realising that it was my own 2 feet that carried me through the paces… moving, running, walking, jumping.  At the time, I felt liberated just like how a Parkour performer feels like… 🙂

Think I’m gonna be loving this… with a couple of Marathons coming in Nov and Dec… Penang Bridge International Marathon and Malakoff Marathon, I gotta practice and make it good. 

Next year, I attempt 25km… 🙂

Here’s my very first solo run…



"New" Quest for Fitness & Health

If you knew me well, you’d probably heard me saying this a lot of times, and yes, I bow down to your cynical remarks that I’ve been more talk than walk…

Well, the "trend" is back again.  I guess it’s more than just a trend this time.  Where last time, it was about getting in shape and looking good, this time around, I focused on health and getting in the right shape (not just literarily). 


Yes, a couple of us in the office did indeed sat together putting together an "official" plan of committing ourselves to our very own "Biggest Loser" contest. An activity that would have me put in RM200 every month for 3 months into the contest "pool"… and the end of it, the biggest loser who’s the biggest winner walks away with a clean sum of money!

But, guys, you know what?

That was a wake up call. With dread and fear I started the whole programme having to get proper measurements at the gym. Needless to say, at my current state, the result left me speechless.

That little piece of paper with my results on it is the beginning of lots of physical and mental work!  To me, it’s 70% mental and 30% physical! 

Why mental?

…cause my emotions are mental…
…cause getting myself up in the morning to get to gym is mental…
…cause having a good eating habit is mental…
…cause having the willpower to say no is mental…
…cause visualising being happy with how I will eventually look is mental…

Yup… last time around I did a bit, but not being quite there, I was celebrating my achievement, perhaps a bit too much… Was suppose to have been a celebration of progress rather than of achievement… And then I took the step over the edge and straight down a spiralling slope into a cavernous black hole of denial!

And that’s where I was before now… the denial phase is over…

Here’s where a "second" chance begin…

I did dream about a 6-pack before… It now looks a bit far in the distance, but perhaps it’ll come by soon to be within reach..

6pack…and no, I wasn’t talking about the sinful 6xers above….