A Kiss

Another one of those things that would just pop into my head at random… 😉 This time…


Kissing is taken so much nonchalantly, by a lot of us. When I say nonchalantly, I mean not just for the seasoned kisser, but those who almost never does it and when he or she does do it, they try not to “think” about it at all! Hence, nonchalantly…

Did you ever realise, THAT simple press of the lips is interpreted in hundreds of ways, done in thousands of methods and limitless number of reasons?

… showing love > a kiss from a mother to her child

… in the heat of passion > the locking of lips on two lovers

… the quick “I love yous” > a light touching of lips

… endearing greet > a kiss on the right cheek and then a hug

… social nuances > a kiss on the left cheek and then the right

… care and protection > a kiss on the forehead

… a friendly gesture > the flying kiss

… superficial love > the air kisses

… the love of an object > kissing an object in happiness

… and much more..


Kissing is passionate.

Remember, the time you kissed someone you really loved, with passion. At that single precise moment, you are oblivious to everything around you… your heart beats to a point that it’s the only thing that you can hear… every single part of your body tingles for the briefest moment then the tingling feeling rushes back to the tip of your lips just before it touches… your hands sweat, and your mind doesn’t stop computing… hundreds of images runs through your head, blurred to a point where it simply becomes non-sensical… your eyes lock looking for a sign, any-sign in the other persons eyes to say “everything is ok”… and just before your lips touch, your breath meets… that magical air of closeness…you inhale and savour its warmth… and then….

…the kiss.

Your entire world, everything that you know, at that precise moment, comes together to meet at that single point… the point of where your lips touch your lover’s… ;-)… and that’s the magic of a true passionate kiss…

A simple kiss tells of your emotion. If you cry and you kiss… your lips quiver as they touch. If you are happy and excited… your kisses are fast and you laugh and smile as you kiss.

The next time when you kiss… indulge yourself in that moment. Make sure you realise your emotions at that very point. Savour in and “record” the moment your lips touches…

  • …no matter how many times you kiss your husband rub his face
  • …no matter how many times you kiss your daughter on her forehead
  • …no matter how many times you kiss your mom and dad and tell them that you love them
  • …no matter how many times you feel that she is the right girl for you when you kiss her
  • …no matter how many times you show your trust and confidence with a simple kiss

… for that is one moment you will always want to build on and remember… the moment your lips “create” a little magical story of love in the pages of your life.

Goodnight everyone and