50,000 thousand feet, or I guess?!

Here I am… first time blogging on a plane.. about 50 thousand feet in the air?  Err, was that what the pilot said??  Ok no worries, well at least it’s still high enough that you can freefall without a parachute for at least a few minute.. oh God, why did I just give myself that thought? 

So, is there a "mile-high" club for writers and bloggers on a plane.  Picture this… me sitting almost in as much recline as I can get from an economy sized seat behind another person snoring away also in full recline… my notebook screen is semi-opened just barely allowing me to see the text on this screen.  Either I lose my belly for future in-flight writing experiences for that maximum computer screen viewing space or I fly business class. I former should be considerably cheaper! 😛

Anyway.. I know I won’t be posting this up till much later when I get internet connection in Bali, that is IF I get internet connection in Bali.  After all, I should be taking a break from doing anything on computer, right?… Wrong… I love to write, so it’ll just be "fun" writing for now.

Eat your heart out, cause I’ll be writing from the white sandy beaches of Bali, underneath the blue skies and soft Balinese music while getting an authentic Balinese foot massage.  Yup, that’s the picture of pure perfection in my mind.

Ok… it’s a 5pm flight to Bali, and we are reaching at 8pm.  It’s almost 6:45pm and almost getting dark outside.  This is indeed cool.  I am rekindling the thoughts of Casablanca… dark, rainy night, on a plane that is jittering, lighting and rain just outside the windows, and my on this computer in a crummy little economy class space, typing away.  In my thoughts, it’s still a nice feeling to romanticize it.

Ok.. mom and dad is sleeping, I’ll type a couple more blogs and then I’ll get back to the "book of the trip"… the thought-provoking "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell!