Valentine’s Day : The Movie

(…third post and still on a plane… see last 2 posts for explanation)

Valentine’s Day.

First allow me to say that I did not watch "Valentine’s Day" on Valentine’s Day… Hehehe… If my wife had been around, I would be busy with my own love induced dramatisation of Valentine’s Day… too busy to be reliving the lives of all these couples on screen on this day…


Anyway, I have to be honest… I know it was an all-star cast… but as I do not have internet connection right now, I should refer to the actors that I do know or are memorable in the show… (I suck at names… even famous ones!)  There was Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kuscher, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Mario Lopez… (what?  not Mario?  He looks like a Mario to me! :-P…) Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, McDreamy and McCheesy-hairy-chested-walking-manly-cliche (that’s my nick for him), Julia Roberts…  (wow, not bad, I remembered quite a few of the main cast…and …yes, I missed out quite a few more too… the actor on the plane of whom I forgot his name…. geeky 70’s show actor, Princess Diary actress (now drop your jaws simultaneously and look at my with disgust)… I suck at this… anyway…

The saddest part of my experience with the movie is that, I had to watch it all alone… :-(  Somewhere out there (in Sarawak) my wife isn’t here with me… duh! Anyway, I watched it yesterday…

With a popcorn, drink and a nice little tray of nuggets (my dinner and it’s also a kind of a ritual if I am anticipating a great movie… something about the mix of savoury and sweet flavours that gets to me.  Anyway, had good expectations about the movie when I entered… but…


…not impressed.. 🙁

The first two thirds of the of the movie was like jumping from one fast moving train to another without even slowing down… as the story jump from one couple to another.  Before you can barely grasp a hold on what’s going on… it moves on to the next… I wouldn’t have minded that but the funny-lines were hits-and-misses.  And the little romantic boy in the show, was like a thrown in… actually, with his acting, he didn’t even look like he was a real boy (Pinocchio could have taken his place in the show… was he casted?…)

Well, anyway, although it all got tied back together at the end.. about who’s suppose to be with who… too bad the entertaining part of the show had to come so late…

Spoiler next!! (don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie… or if you intend to see the movie at all)

The clincher and most emotional part of the show, that made me say "awwww. that was sweet"… was when we all realise Julia Roberts was coming home to her son… :’-)

Anyway, sappy romantic flick it was… thrown in almost seemingly like an obligatory pro bono work by some of the best actors and actresses… for that, I have to forgive its shortcomings and just take the whole thing with a pinch of salt… (which I have been doing a lot lately… 😉

Well… till the next movie that comes along an scintillates me to post another endless rattle…. ciao!

Jenny Wade REAPS of Hotness!

New girl in the house… well, maybe not so, since Reaper got cut off the air for a while now.  Anyway, this beautiful actress caught my attention on Reaper.  Jenny Wade plays Nina, a hot looking demon on Reaper (when she’s not her demon self of course).  Reaper-871-largeJennywade-smiling-hot-whitedress_286prazzi-jenny-wade-pics-002 prazzi-jenny-wade-pics-003








Well, what caught my interests were her cool YouTube videos… hmm.. the word here is “EFFORTLESS”!  Check out her video and you’ll know what I mean.

Isn’t that just effortlessly beautiful?  Well, would be great to see more of her in the movies and shows.

She’s on twitter too! @jenny_wade