Keeping Your Spirits Up

The ability to see the great and beautiful things in life isn’t lost for anyone. It’s always the ability you can look towards in the toughest of times, in the hardest of situation. You not only find the light, but you find a way to keep it in your heart to embrace and let it shine out. The rest of us will know you have it, because we can see it in your face and your actions.

Stay beautiful, keep the spirits high… As high as ever!!!! 😀

Sticking to It!

There are those who are naturally fit, and fitness comes as second nature to them. I’ve never been one of those, so after a long hiatus of inconsistent training and workouts due to the holidays, it’s very hard to gain back rhythm.

But I have to make another promise to myself this time again to never give up. I’d want to remind myself that it isn’t about how many times I fail to reach a final goal, but it’s how many times I get up and keep going. Perhaps it isn’t just about a final goal, but rather that it’s an ongoing lifestyle that I will be sticking to.

Just what’s in my head this weekend. Enjoy yours, my friends. 😉

Quick Thoughts

Thoughts don’t have to be long and relayed in a complicated string of words. Sometimes a momentary of clarity, a single point left undirected can lead to many exciting interpretations. So make it short and beautiful.

(my excuse and solutions to keep my blog updated… :P….)