I’m back!

Wow, has it been 2 and half years?  (Checks dates…)

Yup! And perhaps half the time then I was wondering where I had misplaced my password to this blog, but miraculously without much effort, my Firefox browser kindly logged in for me with a saved password. Who knew?! Lol. Scary things, these softwares that keep your secrets, passwords…

Well, as all boringly common returns goes, my first post is an “I’m back” post. Meh, how predictable.

I shall try to keep the narcissism at a minimum, don’t worry. Just let me indulge in just this one comeback post. That’s certainly an irony considering that this blog is located on kennygoh.com *rolls eyes”

Ok, I shall be back with more exciting stuffs. For now just let me post this from my tablet to see how well it goes. 😀