GOYA90 Days FAT to FIT

Putting the gavel down on the gym floor, I’m finally getting this done.

After these 3 years of having a semi-active lifestyle, I realised what works for me is when I’m in the “zone”.  Once I’m doing it, it becomes a natural routine, not forced like what you may assume but rather, it goes into auto mode of me doing what I enjoy.

So kicking off this round of routines, it’s going to be the GOYA90 days fat to fit programme. A programme I am testing out and designed for me based on what I need to do and how I could get it done.

I’m breaking the programme into a series of 13 weeks. Here are the details :

WEEK 1-3
18 Mar – 7 Apr

This first 3 weeks, I’m doing to be doing a gradual mix of both gym and outdoor training.  At this period, I’m going to be more focused on fat burning and therefore focusing on high intensity training to get that “afterburn” from my workouts.  I’m also keeping my runs moderate and even using them as “active” recovery sessions. I will definitely not be pushing for performance but rather, focused on consistency.

MONDAY HIIT – Circuit Training (45mins)
TUESDAY RUN – 7k Distance
WEDNESDAY HIIT – Circuit Training (45mins)
THURSDAY RUN – 7k Distance
FRIDAY HIIT – LIGHT Circuit Training (45mins) – active recovery
SUNDAY WKEND RUN – WK1(10k), WK2(11k), WK3(12k)


WEEK 4-6
8 Apr – 28 Apr

For the next 3 weeks, I’m going to inject weights training into my programme progressing from just cardio workouts to improving on strength and getting more muscle definition.  This isn’t going to be intensive but I’ll be focused on technique and form building up from core strengthening exercises

MONDAY Weight Circuit (45mins)
TUESDAY RUN – 7k Distance
THURSDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
FRIDAY HIIT – Circuit Training (45mins)
SATURDAY CYCLE – (2hrs) + Weight Circuit (30mins)
SUNDAY WKEND RUN – WK4(15k), WK5(16k), WK6(17k)


WEEK 7-9
29 Apr – 19 May

By this stage, I’m going to try and focus my sessions to improve on performance. The cardio circuits will be like a “BodyStep” workout where I do a compound of workouts in 45mins. The following day will be followed by strength training for 30mins, which in itself is like a “BodyPump” workout. There will also be a rest day before a weekend of cycling and running.

MONDAY Cardio Circuit (45mins)
TUESDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
WEDNESDAY Cardio Circuit (45mins)
THURSDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
SUNDAY WKEND RUN – WK7(20k), WK8(21k), WK9(22k)


WEEK 10-12
20 May – 9 June

Surviving up to this stage will be a great motivational boost as I have no doubt that by this time I will be in good form to continue shedding those fatty bits. Coincidentally, I’ll be entering into the month of KL Marathon where I will be participating in a full 42k distance running. By now, I know I can finish it but this time I want to be much better in it

MONDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
TUESDAY RUN – 10k Distance
WEDNESDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
THURSDAY RUN – 15k Distance
FRIDAY Weight Circuit (30mins)
SUNDAY WKEND RUN – WK10(25k), WK11(25k), WK12(30k) – LSDs


10 June – 16 June

Week 13 should be exciting. I plan to make this an evaluation week to see how I’m doing in all areas :

  1. Weight Loss – fat loss and improvements
  2. Run and Cycle Performance – an evaluation of how much lighter/fast I will be on my feet and wheels
  3. Wardrobe Test – an afternoon session with me, my wardrobe and a mirror. 😛
  4. Feel Good factor – do I really need to evaluate this? It’s already a given… 🙂


…and what you may ask is GOYA90? – GET OFF YOUR ASS for 90 days… 😛

Wish me luck, peeps! 😀