Long Distance Cycling

It has been a while since I cycled long distance, so I felt great when I had the opportunity to do so last Friday, a Hari Raya Haji holiday.

Myself and fellow rider Francis decided to make a long ride to Kuala Selangor. Another good friend Cynthia tagged along as well. Cynthia is one hardcore sportswoman, doing multiple marathons, ultra marathons and cycling was about to become one of her conquest too!  So, we had her for this ‘training’ ride.

On the day itself, we were joined by 3 other Team IR (Independent Racers) members who tagged along for part of the route.

2012-10-26 07.17.07

I was gonna enjoy myself on this ride cause I knew I felt good the weekend before riding 90++ km with a bunch of seasoned cyclists. 


2012-10-26 09.53.45

Latar Highway

2012-10-26 11.14.18

Pit stop at Petronas

The initial plan had been to ride all the way to Kuala Selangor but the day got hot real fast so we decided to make a fast pace to Ijok and then ride back via the Latar Highway and then through Guthrie before making our way back to Taman Tun where we started.2012-10-26 09.53.34

On the beautiful Latar Highway

I felt energised throughout the ride as I had come prepared this time around… yup, I downed 2x 2nd surge energy gels and the 100mg caffeine in each of those was a real booster!  It was noon by the time we got back and we manage to hit 110km distance. I was happy about that as the last time I rode that distance was a few months back at Ipoh Century Ride. 

I rode again on Sun and had a 5km run event on Saturday and details of these are for my next blog entries.

HAPPY RIDING!!!Open-mouthed smile