Been a while… Good Bye 2011 Hello 2012

This trend since to come and go…. writing a blog.

Well, I hope it’s staying for good this time.  Not that I’m here to particularly add more aimless banter to cyberspace (… do people still use that word) but rather to remind myself WHAT AM I DOING?

Ok, I just got my MAC.  Yes, and it’s a comp.  How’s that relevant?  Well, I had to look for a new application to upload my blog. And this it’s called FLOCK. 

What the FLOCK?!!!
FLOCK you.
I love to FLOCK.
FLOCK off…

Yup, let’s see how this goes with my first FLOCKing update since the long hiatus from my last post.

🙂 Bye peeps.

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