Of Calories and Cardio

Ok I’m calorie counting…

Damn, just saying that makes me feel so feminine!  Well, damn it, so what if I am, I know guys who go for facial, so does it really matter if I took a bit of time to make sure I eat right?  Perhaps now that I’ve put it that way, it doesn’t sound too wrong.  Actually there isn’t anything wrong with it.  Challenge whoever of you who says it does.

Yeah, I’ve been on this fitness regime lately… if you’ve not read my last blog entry here!

Well, the calorie thing started when I began having to count how much I was eating… and watching "The Biggest Loser" did strike it in further into my mind and soon enough, all I was thinking was that.. "How can I take less…?"… Mind you, if I’ve never learnt to count before, I sure learnt to do so quickly.

Imagine counting calories in your head, as a "humpty-dumpty" of a waiter stands looming above you staring down at you moving your lips trying to get the numbers right.

Well, after a month, nowadays when it comes to counting calories, I can smugly smile and pretend like I’m an expert. 

Well, when people say it isn’t easy… I think it’s half-true.  It isn’t, of course when you start counting but once you get your subconcious to go a long with it, your body seems to be directed by your subconcious to go towards healthy low-calorie stuffs and move away from calorie laden items.

Wow… did I just sound like a health junkie?  … 😉 I hope I did, cause nowadays, that’s something to be proud about.

The calorie thingy gets strike in further at the gym where the cardio machines all have calorie counters.  Last Sunday (yesterday) I had to endure the push of a mad man, to go for 450 calories burnt in 30 minutes… Well, he broke that barrier… (not to say that I was a virgin on the treadmill lah… hehehe…) but it certainly shown me that I was only held back by my mental beliefs.

Anyway, I just had 2 pieces of 90kcal (each) popiah this morning and combined with a 350kcal lunch of chicken rice (half the rice), a couple of low-cal fresh fruit slices, and I’m already anticipating reservations for dinner…

…safe to say, I think I’m already waist deep in this wonderful form of health awareness… so laugh at me all you like, suckers,… cause I’m in a quest for health!