Sometimes When You Are Down

Sometimes when you are down, when motivation seems to escape you, you wonder what is there to keep you going.  I wonder… it’s times like this which I think we focus too much on the current.  Too much on what is happening at the moment and all the things that weigh heavily on ourselves.


Then you hear the common advice.  "Don’t worry so much, things will be better".  Well, sometimes when the horizon is obscured by a haze of confusion and seemingly unending distance, we lose sight of the destination.  When I talk about losing sight, it’s the visual sight that each of us should be having in our minds that keep us moving.

Well, clichéd as the phrase may be, but nothing was ever accomplished without someone believing that there will a finish to the task.  We also sometimes fail to realise that the task at hand may not just be what we are currently doing, but what we will eventually do, because of how we visualise our future.

If you choose to be always happy, then focus on that.  What happens now to make you upset isn’t going to remain because you know deep down, staying unhappy isn’t what you want to always feel.

If you choose to be successful, then focusing on that means there is no doubt, it will come to reality and the only question that begs an answer from that is… when?

If you believe that life is going to change for you financially, then it is bound to happen, if focus your actions on the belief that you will be in a good place.

If you choose to be healthy, well eventually you will be because unless something so bad has struck you down and you become totally incapable of thinking (which isn’t possible, unless you go into a vegetative state coma) then you would have willed yourself to be so.

Constantly remind yourself, what is it that you want.  Then ask who and what you need to get it done. Well, it always starts with something not necessarily physical… just make it a belief.

Today, you feel down.

But, don’t think about feeling DOWN today.

Think about feeling UP tomorrow!

Today will pass and tomorrow, will be another day which you can believe it’ll happen.

Have a good day and feel good!

Casual Words from a Cafe

It has been a while since I’ve sat down comfortably at a cafe and tapped a few words in my blog.  Today, a Saturday seems like the perfect day to do it. It’s interesting how being back at gym, springs out other forms of enjoyment.  Well, for one, my normal routine after gym would be to have a small calorie-light mean and drinks at the cafe and enjoy a book or sharing some words on my blog.

That’s exactly what I am doing right now.  After a healthy chicken, lettuce and tomato sandwich on shamo bread, I’m on the computer looking at the latest fitness tips and now, telling you how I am enjoying myself. 🙂

Well… in my own personal way, I am beginning to put the different things in my life into proper categories.

People, I introduce to you my personal SWOT ANALYSIS! 😛


  1. Health and fitness
  2. Mental exercises
  3. Personal knowledge
  4. Self-improvements

Waste of Time

  1. Unnecessary pressure and stress
  2. Worries and things you are unsure about
  3. Empty tasks
  4. Things you force yourself to do but don’t enjoy

Ownership (Things you should have)

  1. Family and good relationship
  2. Your beliefs and religion
  3. Good outlook on life
  4. Happiness and things that you enjoy doing
  5. Good personality and common sense

Trash (Things you shouldn’t get even close to)

  1. Crime and harmful thoughts
  2. Revengeful feelings
  3. Self- demeaning and demotivating

Apply some of these in your life… and give your life direction.  I know mine needs some really good steering! 😉


"New" Quest for Fitness & Health

If you knew me well, you’d probably heard me saying this a lot of times, and yes, I bow down to your cynical remarks that I’ve been more talk than walk…

Well, the "trend" is back again.  I guess it’s more than just a trend this time.  Where last time, it was about getting in shape and looking good, this time around, I focused on health and getting in the right shape (not just literarily). 


Yes, a couple of us in the office did indeed sat together putting together an "official" plan of committing ourselves to our very own "Biggest Loser" contest. An activity that would have me put in RM200 every month for 3 months into the contest "pool"… and the end of it, the biggest loser who’s the biggest winner walks away with a clean sum of money!

But, guys, you know what?

That was a wake up call. With dread and fear I started the whole programme having to get proper measurements at the gym. Needless to say, at my current state, the result left me speechless.

That little piece of paper with my results on it is the beginning of lots of physical and mental work!  To me, it’s 70% mental and 30% physical! 

Why mental?

…cause my emotions are mental…
…cause getting myself up in the morning to get to gym is mental…
…cause having a good eating habit is mental…
…cause having the willpower to say no is mental…
…cause visualising being happy with how I will eventually look is mental…

Yup… last time around I did a bit, but not being quite there, I was celebrating my achievement, perhaps a bit too much… Was suppose to have been a celebration of progress rather than of achievement… And then I took the step over the edge and straight down a spiralling slope into a cavernous black hole of denial!

And that’s where I was before now… the denial phase is over…

Here’s where a "second" chance begin…

I did dream about a 6-pack before… It now looks a bit far in the distance, but perhaps it’ll come by soon to be within reach..

6pack…and no, I wasn’t talking about the sinful 6xers above….