The Perodua Alza : MPV or just car?

MPV = Family!

Well, not anymore, my sophisticated friends… MPV nowadays just means having more people for the partaaaayy! (or more room to puke after the partay… :-P)

Ok… that didn’t sound quite right.  But, perhaps ‘more room’ should keep ya listening.  I tell you, recently or perhaps for sometime now, Perodua seems to always have their best act together pulling out great hat-tricks to put Proton in their tail-dust.

Only less than a year after Proton reveals the first national MPV, which certainly had heads turning at the start, Perodua pulls the table cloth from underneath Proton’s comfy table and makes a red carpet/curtain entrance into the main stage with their latest Perodua Alza.

I guess the designers of the car is probably laughing right at this moment for having thought of something that is neither here nor there but should be everywhere in everyone’s thoughts.  Because in the ad campaigns and WOM (word-of-mouth) many are asking.. is this a true MPV or a car that looks like an MPV?  And the price it goes for, just teases you in both directions! 😉



When I first had my eyes first set on the real car, I immediately see the similarities with the new Honda Jazz especially from the front and side profile.  See the similarities with the third and last piece of window?








This just shows how sporty this new MPV is and it takes the most beautiful cues from Toyota Passo Sette, which it models itself from.

The Alza goes for a great price approx at RM66k for the metallic 1.5 Automatic version, just about RM16k above the best selling car in Malaysia, little brother Perodua Myvi. Nice!

It’s not bad as a first car, really… what would really tip in favour of young graduates getting the vehicle is really how easy it would be to convince mom and dad that the extra room would make for a lot more family time! 😉






Well, personally I foresee many Proton Exora and Toyota Avanza cancellation orders, for those who are a mix between sportiness and space.  The Alza should be filling the roads in a year or two’s time.

(Damn, I’m seriously considering this as a second car, should my plan fail to convince the minister of finance about the Kia Forte!)

Kia : My Forte Is This!

It’s not often I talk about cars on my blog, in fact… come to think of it, never.  But, nevertheless, like other things that catches my eyes, I thought I’d start putting some of the ones that has really gotten my attention.

Here’s this piece of beautiful machinery:kia-forte-official-img_13

Yup!  It’s the Kia Forte baby! And it’s in town!

You know… I am really amazed at how beautiful cars are become more affordable… or is it the other way around, how affordable cars are becoming more beautiful.  This new Kia Forte which is pitted against big brothers like the Civic, Corolla Altis and Lancer stands apart with it’s under RM80k price tag for a base model, RM75,800 to be precise!  Can you beat that?  You’d have every baby of the house, having graduated and getting their first cars, running to mommy and daddy asking for an upgrade of RM25k to buy the Forte instead of a Perodua Myvi 1.3EZi!

Even the full spec 2.0 model has a cool, sub RM100k price tag.. (only RM93,800) the perfect tool for extracting drool from white collared, young

Hmm.. you know, it’s hard when candy starts being thrown at you!  A good lick and that’s it.  This wasn’t the first candy I had encountered.  My next blog will be talking about what got me into this candy-feeding frenzy!


But, you gotta admit, it is beautiful isn’t it?  And for the price tag, resale value will be something you’d put aside for the moment while you practice your smug look in the rearview mirror as you speed down the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur.

kia-forte-official-img_14 KIA, continue to outdo yourselves!  

Nobody Learns to Swim without Water

I recently wrote a quote about facing challenges is like learning to swim.

Well, to learn how to swim you need water and nobody learns to swim without water.  So what if you are having a hard time… your daily regime playing it hard on you?  Well, you need it, my friends. 

Those little challenges put together makes up for a whole bunch of opportunities for achievements!  See everything with an end in mind.  There is a purpose to what you are doing, even if it seems pointless at first.  Nobody can say that they are doing something for nothing.  There is simply no such thing.  Even the most ridiculous task are accomplished because you simply want to prove something.

Well, this KCQ quote came up because I was personally facing a hard time with piles of work and responsibilities.  And I guess I put myself out there because I know what I do has a purpose.  Sometimes the the unglamorous problems and unimaginable difficulties get the better of you the first time around… but then change your attitude towards these challenges and DARE it to hit you again..

I bet you, you’d do better the second time around. 😉

Happy swimming!

Think Like a Pro

What’s the fastest way to get your mind accustomed to new things?  Well, think about those things like how you would as a pro.  Imagine yourself being an expert in that field and in the way it works.  Visualise yourself at that very second having to give a lecture to a class of 1000 people who see you as the main man, the expert in the field.

Because when you do that, your mind will go into what I call “survival mode”, a scenario that you have no choice but to get through and survive.  Consciously and subconsciously, you will begin to receive relevant questions and some of these are answered immediately (simply because some answers are common-sense) and some will create an itch in you to find out the answers.

So the next time you get thrown into a scenario, don’t say you can’t or you don’t know anything about it, instead think like a pro!  After all, if you are thrown into a bull ring, you don’t just stand there and act stupid, you’d do all you can to SURVIVE! 🙂

Positive Thinking Helps

A little positive thinking goes a long way.  It’s a simple concept.  Think about feeling good and you’ll eventually feel good. 

You don’t have to try too hard to understand the concept, just believe that it does work and your attitude, character, thoughts and actions goes on auto mode and brings good things to you.

What mars this perfect situation is any feeling of doubts and being unsure.  An inkling or a seed of doubt can grow to become worries and concerns.  We all know these are the nature of a pessimistic attitude.

So the next time you feel the seed of negativity starting to grow… take some time to weed it out and plant some tender, loving positivity! 🙂

KCQ Inspirations

Hope you guys have been reading or at least “bumped” into my KCQ quotes on Twitter and FaceBook… Thanks for those of you who have given me some inspiration for the quotes.  Yup, some of the thoughts came by what you said or shared.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’d run out of things to say, and just as the thoughts seem to run dry, a couple more peep around the corner.

Hope to be writing more and thanks again for reading! 😉

Jenny Wade REAPS of Hotness!

New girl in the house… well, maybe not so, since Reaper got cut off the air for a while now.  Anyway, this beautiful actress caught my attention on Reaper.  Jenny Wade plays Nina, a hot looking demon on Reaper (when she’s not her demon self of course).  Reaper-871-largeJennywade-smiling-hot-whitedress_286prazzi-jenny-wade-pics-002 prazzi-jenny-wade-pics-003








Well, what caught my interests were her cool YouTube videos… hmm.. the word here is “EFFORTLESS”!  Check out her video and you’ll know what I mean.

Isn’t that just effortlessly beautiful?  Well, would be great to see more of her in the movies and shows.

She’s on twitter too! @jenny_wade


When You Get Busy, Things Get More Exciting…

Yup guys, very fast and it’s already near the end of the year… but here at this end, it’s the beginning of excitement.  Strangely enough, contrary to usual times, we should be winding down, sipping cups of coffee celebrating a good year of excitement at work.  But, really, this time… no such thing!

The fun’s just picking up… and do you know why I call it fun?!!  Every single second is never the same! You get whisk away from one thing to another…  So, if u’ve not seen me for a while, you should know how things are!

But, nevertheless.. I don’t miss tweeting several times a day… catch me on Twitter @