Maturity : Different Types of Cups

“Maturity isn’t about age. It’s about your ability in handling your emotional state.”

42-20294777 As one get’s older, you gain more and more of life’s experience.  But, we are all different.  Imagine ourselves as cups.  Cups that are of different shapes and sizes. 


Short Cups, Big Diameter
42-17431354 Some cups are shallow but big in diameter.  The water in this cup rises slowly because it spreads across a bigger area.  Takes longer, but still, it rises.  These people, mature slowly but surely and their maturity covers a vast area of their life and a wider perspective across many different issues.  They are not hurried but take the time to gather this experiences.


Short Cups, Small Diameter
42-21564675 These cups are small and hold not a lot of water.  The water in the cup rises fast, but gets full much earlier because it only has to cover a small area.  The people in this group tries not to be too adventurous.  They don’t take a lot of risks, but instead focuses on a few things in their life that keeps them happy.  Because they are focused, they mature in those things early.


Tall Cups, Big Diameter
AABU001170 These deep cups holds the most water, and it takes a long time for water in this cup to rise to the brim.  These are the “thinkers” and “problem solvers”.  These are usually the people you go to when you need advice for almost anything.  They seem to know the solution to many of life’s problems.  But, sometimes they don’t mix well because the things they say may be too deep or hard to understand by everyone.


Tall Cups, Small Diameter
42-20048960Water in this cup rises fast, but it has a long way to go till it reaches the top.  These group of people grow mature very fast but they never get contented or stop even when they have achieved something.  They continue to always think that there is something better out there.  They are also mainly humble as to them, they believe that there is so much more to still learn.


Questions that you should ask yourself when evaluating your maturity:

  1. What cup are you?
  2. What other cups comes do you match best with?
  3. Do you mix with other cups?
  4. Do you try to understand how the water flows in and out of these different cups?

…and I guess the most important question…

How high is the water level in your cup?