“Blink” – The Power of Thinking without Thinking

P1040008 I just finished the book, “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell.  It’s a book that talks about thin-slicing, that instant moment within the first 2 or 3 second of us being confronted with a situation or subject and the immediate thoughts or judgement that is created then.

I loved it.

Gladwell had described many interesting scenarios of how important is our instant judgement, how it applies to us, how it’s used and how sometimes we need to be aware of snap judgements.  He isn’t just talking about relying on coming to immediate conclusions, rather giving an understanding of how it applies effectively to making a decision.


Loved the examples he shared inside here.  From a statue that did not look right in the first instant, to a general making judgement in the thick of a battle, to Pepsi and Coke’s differences and to the unfortunate incident of a man wrongly gunned down by inexperienced policeman. Gladwell, brought countless situations where thin-slicing is a key component of making the right decision.


What will I take from this book?  Well, I’d learn to react faster in situations where in the past, I’d otherwise stumble and be speechless.  It will definitely help with my wits and responses and most importantly understanding why I make snap judgements.

Must read for everyone! 😉