Upside Down Cuteness on FaceBook

Do you know that FB has a upside down language setting?

Hmm… must be some kind of joke the technician at FB is having…

FB Technician 1: Okay, Muhammed is done with the last language… that makes 65 languages altogether.

FB Technician 2: Cool… hmm.. well, now I am bored.

FB Technician 1: Yeah… *yawn*

FB Technician 2: Hey, let’s stand on our heads for fun!

FB Technician 1: Alright!!!

(and they do it)

FB Technician 2: Wow… this is fun…

FB Technician 1: Now my FB screen looks funny… It’s upside down.

FB Technician 2: Oookay…. let’s see if we can do something about it.

(and they spend a pointless 2 weeks, creating a whole new lingo for people who likes to use the internet while standing on their heads!)

FB Technician 1: Wow… I love it… now if we can just get the management to fly us to space so we can work upside down… maybe create a couple more new lingos for whatever space aliens we find out there!!!



Wait a minute… not everything is upside down!…


That’s more like it… 😉