Finally Doing Something Really Worthwhile Online

I’ve been busy.

I’m sure you must have guessed with the less than frequent posting on this site here.  So, what have I been working on?  Some of you must have also noticed my absence for quite a while now from my other social medias (or perhaps you didn’t and I am just kidding myself with some wishful thinking!).

Anyway, I’ve been busy on 2 online ventures.  Achievers Paradise and Pics Can Talk.  These are my 2 proudest online creation to date.  Finally, something which I am doing worthwhile online.  They are my little pet projects which I have been envisioning for quite a while now and finally has come to be.


Achievers Paradise is really a site which I dedicated to all my collection of ideas about personal improvements and being successful.  The 2 key words that I really hold dear to my heart, “achieving” your life’s work and living a blissful life of happiness in “paradise”. 


Pics Can Talk is as it says, a site that I share about all the things that I have gathered about photography over so many years of experiences.  Up to today, many young friends still ask me many things about photography which today I am sharing with you on Pics Can Talk.

Well, I have since monetized the site, allowing people to download some really useful materials from the site.  with my free time, I will be adding on more information and resources.  Well, I hope you guys reading this will take a bit of time to check it out for many new and exciting stuffs for your personal enjoyment.