Trip Back to Miri

So, I’ve been back for a week in Miri, Sarawak, my hometown.  So glad to have had this break to catch up with old memories, old friends and most importantly, family in Brunei as well.

It really helped to pop the chill pill and take it easy for a little bit after an extremely busy period in Kuala Lumpur.  I got a chance to indulge in some pampering from family but most significantly was the opportunity to go around and take pictures of my lovely city. 


Oh did I forget to mention about the food?!!!  It was food galore in this trip.  Hmm…. that reminds me about going back to KL and getting my fitness program back in check! Hmm… can I get back to normal if I don’t eat at all! Hehehe…

Well, we’re going back tomorrow.  It’ll be sad to leave but happy at the same time when things get back to normal after this loooong leave… 🙂

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Finally Doing Something Really Worthwhile Online

I’ve been busy.

I’m sure you must have guessed with the less than frequent posting on this site here.  So, what have I been working on?  Some of you must have also noticed my absence for quite a while now from my other social medias (or perhaps you didn’t and I am just kidding myself with some wishful thinking!).

Anyway, I’ve been busy on 2 online ventures.  Achievers Paradise and Pics Can Talk.  These are my 2 proudest online creation to date.  Finally, something which I am doing worthwhile online.  They are my little pet projects which I have been envisioning for quite a while now and finally has come to be.


Achievers Paradise is really a site which I dedicated to all my collection of ideas about personal improvements and being successful.  The 2 key words that I really hold dear to my heart, “achieving” your life’s work and living a blissful life of happiness in “paradise”. 


Pics Can Talk is as it says, a site that I share about all the things that I have gathered about photography over so many years of experiences.  Up to today, many young friends still ask me many things about photography which today I am sharing with you on Pics Can Talk.

Well, I have since monetized the site, allowing people to download some really useful materials from the site.  with my free time, I will be adding on more information and resources.  Well, I hope you guys reading this will take a bit of time to check it out for many new and exciting stuffs for your personal enjoyment.