Tiring Couple of Weeks Ended Up on a High!

Sigh… I must get rid of some of this negativity!  Hmm… should live to my believes (read the title bar on top!).  These couple of weeks were pretty tiring getting things together at work, one thing after another.

But the celebratory event of Artistry 2009, sure changed the tone for the finale of this period.  I shall blog about that in my next update.

In anycase, I’m just glad to be able to pace myself for a while.  I know a couple more exciting events are coming up soon, I’ll just have to get back on my feet again running. (sigh… might still be for a little while longer). 

Tomorrow on leave! So glad to be doing something really different for a change cause I am taking little Celeste for her first play!  She’ll be playing Cinderella!  I’ll be posting pics and a documentary of how it will turn out!

😉 Ciao!