Artistry 2009 – Liquid Sensations and Rhythm Persuasions


Isn’t that a most beautiful sight?!!!

Yup, that magic happened last night at our event for Artistry 2009.  It was an amazing event in all accounts even though I got to see it from ground up.  It was a spectacular sight to see the backdrop, ambience and details in the full glory of lights and rhythm that shook the whole place.

title The line-up of performances backed by an environment of pure rhythmic and pleasurable beats left no chance for a normal heart beat as DJ Milinka, One Buck Short, Homies, Dominique Tsai, Fatman Scoop, Ying Yang Twins and DJ Mr. Sam rocked the house down from one end of the show to the other.  Lumiscense provided an unequalled template of pure projection and lighting pleasures that left little room to ask for more.

Enjoy the pictures here, but words and pics do not come close to describing the euphoric nature of the entire experience that is ARTISTRY 2009 – The truly inspiring, worldwide phenomenon that is the Global Art of Mixing!