The Words Escapes You

Oh my… when you have to write a lot a lot… and torrential amount of words seems to just be pouring out of you continuously, your brain without a doubt will be sucked dry, ending up like an arid piece of sandy patch that’s being eroded by winds that never ceases..


Writing, writing, thinking, writing, thinking, change topic, write, write, think, write, think, write, write,…take break for fingers… think, think, write, write, change topic, write, write, think, think, write, think… bang head on the wall.. think some more, write, write, think, think… write, think, write…


What’s a good show that I can watch whilst my brain is turned off and recuperating?  I’d walk to the cinema.. “Sir, ticket please… oh yeah, and can you leave your brain by the cloak room, you don’t need it for this show…”


I don’t care… it’s Sunday… and I’ll be “dumb”.


Oh ya… maybe I’ll watch some more Magibon on YouTube or enjoy the soothing sounds of MichellePhan’s voice as she talks about makeup which I totally have no use off…

For now… Kenny is switching off!