Exciting 2 Weeks

Wow… when a person hits a high… he really HITS a high…

These 2 weeks was it for me… It was like one thing after another at work… but it wouldn’t be a good feeling if things were piling up.  Well, in this scenario it was like job in… get done… next one.. get done… job in… get done… next one… get done… and on and on.

I guess that’s the best way to get a high when you know while you are working on other things, the stuffs which have been done earlier are in the works.

Well, the excitement is just the beginning.  I’m like on a roller coaster ride that’s been through a few dips and rise… but I know the big loop is coming and it isn’t just one!



  1. Power… that's right! Full speed ahead! We all wish that the ride will be free for all time. 🙂