Fitness Back on Track

Okay!  I’m getting my fitness and health back on track!

After having accomplished a burst of fitness furore in August – October last year which saw a great improvement in my physical self… I really believe it isn’t impossible to get back my old self physically.  Well, November through to Chinese New Year didn’t help. Hehehe…

Yup, there was a period of pause.  But now, having sorted out transportation and timing issue, I was back.  The random spurts which I had to try and get started will (hopefully) now be replaced with a permanent goal to achieve my ideal physical goals.

Hmm… personally, I’d say, this round started last Saturday, 6 June.  I had a gym session in the morning, Salsa in the afternoon and badminton in the afternoon.  Hadn’t been that active for a while.  By 11pm on Sat night I was snoring in high heavens!  But, the routine started again on Sun morning at 7am…  and then a last-minute decision for a jungle walk on Sun afternoon with the wifey and princess.  Then again this morning!

You know what… I’m in pain now… Every muscle of my body screaming for help.  But, I’m gonna leave it to my mind to hold that all important “health conference” and convince my aching body, why I need this! Hehehe…

Oh another reason, I’m going back in August to see Mom and Dad along with all my relatives… 😉


  1. Whoa… Sounds like a great plan.

    I was supposed to start on my gym again this week but then, work and a sore back got in the way.

    Once the pain recovers, I really need to get back on track or else my health will suffer again. 🙁

    Good on ya! Keep up the good work!