Back from Shanghai!

Yay… I’m so happy to be able to blog again!…  Of course this is among other things which I am happy about coming back…

Well, guys, just be glad that our censorship isn’t as bad as China’s… at least we still can have our say.

Now… I’m just too tired to start writing a long blog… I’m going to sleep first!

Happy Father’s Day

To my friends, REAL MEN, who has done the BRAVEST and MOST DARING thing, to go where all men COWER in fear…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!… 😀

…I think I’ll treat myself today… I’ll take over the controls of the TV remote control, leave the toilet seat up, and shave and NOT wash the sinc…

The Words Escapes You

Oh my… when you have to write a lot a lot… and torrential amount of words seems to just be pouring out of you continuously, your brain without a doubt will be sucked dry, ending up like an arid piece of sandy patch that’s being eroded by winds that never ceases..


Writing, writing, thinking, writing, thinking, change topic, write, write, think, write, think, write, write,…take break for fingers… think, think, write, write, change topic, write, write, think, think, write, think… bang head on the wall.. think some more, write, write, think, think… write, think, write…


What’s a good show that I can watch whilst my brain is turned off and recuperating?  I’d walk to the cinema.. “Sir, ticket please… oh yeah, and can you leave your brain by the cloak room, you don’t need it for this show…”


I don’t care… it’s Sunday… and I’ll be “dumb”.


Oh ya… maybe I’ll watch some more Magibon on YouTube or enjoy the soothing sounds of MichellePhan’s voice as she talks about makeup which I totally have no use off…

For now… Kenny is switching off!

Zee Avi from Miri

Hahaha… a colleague of mine just showed me this WONDERFUL video clip from an international singer who happens to be from Miri, Sarawak… my hometown! 

So nice to know that we have a talent like this from my neighbourhood.  Anyway… when I saw this clip.. I was laughing so hard..  I LOVED it… Wishing that there will be more like this.

Just listen to how great she is.. her single!

Exciting 2 Weeks

Wow… when a person hits a high… he really HITS a high…

These 2 weeks was it for me… It was like one thing after another at work… but it wouldn’t be a good feeling if things were piling up.  Well, in this scenario it was like job in… get done… next one.. get done… job in… get done… next one… get done… and on and on.

I guess that’s the best way to get a high when you know while you are working on other things, the stuffs which have been done earlier are in the works.

Well, the excitement is just the beginning.  I’m like on a roller coaster ride that’s been through a few dips and rise… but I know the big loop is coming and it isn’t just one!


Fitness Back on Track

Okay!  I’m getting my fitness and health back on track!

After having accomplished a burst of fitness furore in August – October last year which saw a great improvement in my physical self… I really believe it isn’t impossible to get back my old self physically.  Well, November through to Chinese New Year didn’t help. Hehehe…

Yup, there was a period of pause.  But now, having sorted out transportation and timing issue, I was back.  The random spurts which I had to try and get started will (hopefully) now be replaced with a permanent goal to achieve my ideal physical goals.

Hmm… personally, I’d say, this round started last Saturday, 6 June.  I had a gym session in the morning, Salsa in the afternoon and badminton in the afternoon.  Hadn’t been that active for a while.  By 11pm on Sat night I was snoring in high heavens!  But, the routine started again on Sun morning at 7am…  and then a last-minute decision for a jungle walk on Sun afternoon with the wifey and princess.  Then again this morning!

You know what… I’m in pain now… Every muscle of my body screaming for help.  But, I’m gonna leave it to my mind to hold that all important “health conference” and convince my aching body, why I need this! Hehehe…

Oh another reason, I’m going back in August to see Mom and Dad along with all my relatives… 😉

Rearview Mirror of Life

Do you drive a car without rearview mirrors?

How does the rearview mirror help?

  • To see cars that are coming either on your left or right before you turn and cause an accident.
  • To look behind to see if anything is coming right up behind you, threatening to run you off the road!
  • Or simply to see what you have just passed or drove over!

The rearview mirror of life is for ALL this and MORE!  Don’t take it for granted… We all need to use it, we all need to look “behind”… ok?

(PS… ever thought of changing your rearview mirrors to the BIG one so you can see more?!!!) 😉

That was just a quick thought! 😉