Peanut Butter Latte

Hmm… dunno why this suddenly appeared in my head…  As I was making coffee in my office pantry, I suddenly had the urge to drop a dollop of Peanut Butter in my coffee and see what that taste like..


Anyone heard of this before? 

If this GOES ON THE MENU after my posting, REMEMBER!!!!!!!… I said it here FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weekend Photography Outing

I haven’t been actively shooting for a while.  Today at lunch I suddenly had the urge to go out this weekend for photography.  Well, since I gotten by Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens, I hadn’t shot architecture (dedicatedly, only went to Penang)..  and that’s one of the thing that this lens is great for… 

This weekend’s outing therefore shall just be me and extreme wideangle!  Hmm… I’ll throw in HDR effects just for fun! 😉

Visit my Flickr Gallery when you have the time! >

Star Trek was out of this WORLD!

After having not slept through the night working on a new project… (yes… that tends to happen at “good” times when we do have something to do at the office… nuff said)

Anyway, after having lunch I had to make a choice to go back and get rested… but having been convinced by a number of my usually “docile” friends, who are not normally moved by anything other than epic love bits and chick flicks, that this movie was the “bomb” in their books, I decided the temptation was too great!


So, I convinced my physical self, that I had to watch this right at that moment… 

A little bit of history…

I don’t know if I am a Trekkie but I grew up with Star Trek.  I remembered Star Trek Enterprise being shown on the TVB (Brunei TV Channel) back in Miri on Sunday afternoons when I was back in Form 2 (That was like 15 years ago!)… and I never missed an episode.  Then again when I was studying in UK, I remembered watching Star Trek: Insurrection in 1998.. wow, that brought back memories.

Anyway, back to the present… I LOVED the movie, the energy, the pace the way in which it kept me awake (after about 30++ hours of of no-sleep)… Just as a point of reference, I slept through the sucky movie “Australia” even though I was wide awake.

quinto-spock I must say… I kept waiting for Zachary Quinto (who plays Sylar in Heroes) to slice the skull of all those he fought with!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Or maybe throw them across the room with his telekinetic force! Anyway, for someone playing an expressionless Vulcan, I guess he was the best person for the role, considering he already has a forehead and deepset eyes that was made for it! Hehehe..

33130172 Unfortunately, Chris Pine didn’t play a very good Kirk though… He was simply NO William Shatner.  I would have loved someone with a bit more of Shatner’s pompous style and persona. 

Nevertheless the movie indeed was a keeper in my books!!! I loved the storyline.. and all the best effects that went with it!

A MUST WATCH!! (over and over again… ;-)…)

Worthwhile Lateness

Working late tonight!!!

Working on something inspiring… hmm.. something that would definitely be worthwhile doing considering all the stuffs that we’ve been getting ‘dirty’ with.  Anyway, nothing like a little inspired delight to make your Monday a little better!


Err… I may blog again like say at 4am in the morning before I crash!

Bookmark : Jazz Artistes

Just browsing through and realised as I started playing Mindi Abair’s song, I was also referred to other great performer of the same genre.

Here’s a list (which I will continue to update) which I would like to bookmark here:

  1. Mindi Abair
  2. Pamela Williams
  3. Michael Lington
  4. Rick Braun
  5. Paul Taylor
  6. Warren Hill

Life’s Good

After a whole WEEK of conditioning about how good life is… I’m beginning to think that LIFE’S GOOD! Hahahaha… catchy isn’t it?

Well, today’s a Monday and it’s sunny… yes PEOPLE!  Life’s Good… hehehe… really it is..

Ok ok.. it’s a Monday morning and I guess I am allowed to be a bit crazy.. no, no seriousness will just kill me!

Ciao! (…till maybe lunch time…) 😉

Mommy’s Day Dinner

Hehehe… after having repeatedly failed to book a place at the elusive Tamarind Springs restaurant located at the picturesque hillside of Ampang (I am getting to wits end wondering when we will finally be able to eat here!!!)

Anyways, Winnie’s practicality and common sense brought us to 1 Utama.  Yes, not only we were expected to fill our stomachs, a bit of shopping wouldn’t hurt (not that I can say the same for my wallet…)

So, Mommy’s Day Dinner was decided to be at Sushi Zanmai.  Another elusive place for me before this… just look at this…


Well, not that bad… 15 minutes of standing only.  I’ve seen a 30 minutes wait at this place before.

Winnie was trying to be happy.


No doubt, her smile just warmed my heart knowing there was still hope at the end of this queue.


But, then doubts began to set in… this place was that good meh?

Finally as we got to our seats, brought by a hostess who was trying to be as friendly as possible but obviously hurried…

The menu… not bad… photography wise lah… The test of taste was soon to be!


So, here it was…


Sushi!!! Succulent, juicy pieces of salmon draped over a fresh cut of perfectly steamed Japanese rice wrapped in aromatic seaweed paper and fresh condiments.

For the pics, that’s all folks!

Wait a minute… where the hell are all the rest of the pictures.  Hehehe…. *sheepishly* Well, considering having shot of first few pictures under the suspicious eyes of wandering waiters, and then in my hunger, beholding the wonderful servings and having to be overcomed by the urge to just pounce on the food in sinful delight… I guess the camera just got pushed to the side, neglected for the rest of the meal.

Sorry guys, but seriously, it’s GOOD.  You gotta taste and not just see it…  Sushi King/Gengki Sushi… they might as well start serving sushi burgers, unagi fries, and green tea flavoured softdrinks and come together to form McSushi… cause good Japanese food takes good care to prepare.

Well done, Sushi Zanmai.


Jaring Email

I wonder why so many people still ask me why I am still using my Jaring account?  Every new stranger who asks me for my MSN link and I tell them my Jaring account would be surprised at this.

Last I saw, Jaring is still offering internet services right?  Broadband as well… Perhaps the least they can do is offer me something for being a long term customer… err… oops. Let me take that last statement back.. Now.. when was the last time I ever paid Jaring for anything. Hmm….

…my bad! 😛

Party Time : LG Blog Launch

final_lgblog02Whew…. just recovered from yesterday’s event.  The launch of LG’s new blog at  The concept of the party?  A gathering of all angelic and devilish bloggers.  Yes, it was Heaven and Hell colliding at the same time!!!  I had a cool time… well at least I can say it at the end of the evening as I was filled with scepticism as to how we would fill our venue, Metropol Bar (a chic new outlet in KL) with all sorts of devils and angels coming in character.  My doubts just disappeared with the appearance of our first bloggers!!!

Yes, without a doubt!  They were a bunch to be reckoned with.  So, there was the launch proper, free-flow of food and drinks, games that would shiver the most stoic of personalities.

Indeed I survived by sheer determination to see this through to the end!!! :-)  I shall be looking forward to more future fun like this… Hmm…. costume parties may just be making a BIG comeback!

Heaven and Hell collided!

Jolyn with her “Most Eccentric” costume!

Our special guests!

…and new friends!

Ciao people! 😉

Why do I love my Mom and Dad so much?

Every year, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day pass by and I take it like any other holidays. Maybe, I remember to call back home to send my wish to Mom and Dad. We have a nice conversation, and every year like they always do, they would say thank you and just ask how I am doing. It all seems so routine.

Well, call it sentimental, but this year I just wanted to remember what is it about my Mom and Dad that I love so much.

I miss them.

I miss them because I am here with my wife and little girl in KL while they are in Sarawak, my little hometown. But, for them this is just one of the many sacrifice they have been willing to take as long as I am happy. When I think about them wanting me to be happy, I think how selfless they are.

Why do I say that?

Because whatever I do, what ever path I choose to go on, Mom and Dad never forced me to do anything otherwise. Sure, they wanted to make sure we were alright. The constant worries, and the calls, the talk, the advices and the simple messages which they wanted to tell me to be careful about everything. These things which when I look back now… I realise I often took as nagging and complaining… and thinking back the number of times I get frustrated and answer back harshly, telling them I am OLD enough and I know what to do!


Now when I think of it… how else can they be "part" of me, now that I "think" can decide everything by myself. Where do they fit now that I am so strong headed thinking that I know how to do everything. Mom and Dad loves me and just wants me to be happy. And perhaps now at this time, I should continue to listen. Whether or not what they say is wrong or right (by my own perspective), I realise they believe they are doing what they can to still make a point in my life…

…to still have a part in my life now.

I love my Mom and Dad for being so selfless. Over the years as I grew up, I always asked… why did we not go for holidays like other people or have better things at home. Mom and Dad chose to just smile and tell us siblings, "You will understand, one day". We never stopped questioning through school. But eventually we DID travel. And we travelled FAR, FAR away… and it was for our studies. Mom and Dad said, "See… we saved up for you to travel. And so.. now you get to travel, but by yourself." This travelling didn’t mean anything to Mom and Dad, because they know in their heart, that they did not do it for themselves. They did it for us.

Today, I understand. I love my Mom and Dad for that.

I don’t see Mom and Dad that often because I live away from my hometown now… but I always try to think about them. Phone calls never seemed to be long enough. Mom still thinks that I shouldn’t talk so long on the phone because it’s expensive. But in my heart, the cost of the call isn’t important. The calls just don’t seem to be LONG enough… It’s not the same when I don’t see my Mom and Dad, but I try to imagine them smiling every time I call, because that’s all I can do when I talk to them on the phone.

When I was young, I always wondered how it was going to be like to live on my own. How FREE I would be! To enjoy, to have fun, to go for entertainment. Oh, the things that I would do. Even nowadays, sometimes I think of the freedom of mixing with people of my own generation, partying, drinking, dancing…

Now, when I think of it… I wonder…

I wonder what Mom and Dad is doing as I am in a club, downing drinks, dancing and shouting, waving my arms, grinding my hips, rubbing shoulders with known and unknowns, saluting the DJs as I take in the ambience and music like a person on some kind of high. Maybe Mom is watching her favourite soap opera alone or Dad is watching the news on his own, occasionally sharing with Mom on what’s happening to the world. Or maybe Mom and Dad going to sleep peacefully, just glad that we are happy and enjoying ourselves?

I wonder about them…

Mom and Dad loves each other.

And I have never seen a love that is so heartfelt. They don’t do it like how we do nowadays. They love each other through being with each other, talking to each other and EVEN enjoying the quiet while sitting next to each other. They don’t have to say " I love you" but you know what? That LOVE is more than any words, cards, greeting, or wishes on Facebook can ever replace. When I think about their love… I feel a little ashamed inside.

My Mom has done so much for us. Been there for us. Her thoughts, day and night is always about us. Dad in his regal silence, watches over us and when he speaks, his words come out from thoughts which had taken a lot of processing as he watch us grow up and become good people.

Does it matter to Dad if I say I want to grow up to be just like him? But you know what? … in ALL his selflessness, being like him is NOT important, because in his heart, he always wants me to be a good person, anyhow without using himself as a comparison. But you know… when I think of it, I can never be as good as he is, however much I try…

Mom… I know mom cries sometimes when she thinks about us. Because in her selflessness, she thinks that our LIFE should be much, much better. Despite how much I tell her that I am happy and doing well…, she always wants the best for us. And because nothing in life is ever perfect, I believe Mom will always continue to wish for us for the rest of our lives… and I know she will have many of the moments where she cry when she thinks about us.

I love my Mom and Dad very much.

Well, work and my life here doesn’t permit me to see them very much, I envy those who can… and I am sure there are others who thinks they envy us to be able to live independent lives from Mom and Dad… Think again.

At least though I can’t see them, I want to think back how much I love them. I won’t forget that, but I realise I don’t give this enough thought.

Mom, Dad, "I’m coming home soon!". To them, us going home is a BIG celebration. To me, everyday of having them love us is a BIGGER celebration of more than any other!!!

Mom, Dad, I love you very much.