A Whole New Meaning to Using Toilet in Public

Hmm.. I just came across this interesting little bit of news.  Apparently, in London’s tourists quarter, someone came up with the brilliant idea of a one-way mirrored toilet…

Wow… hmm… I wonder who would have thought of that?  Perhaps someone who’s sat long enough on the crapper and feeling that his/her life isn’t interesting enough.  Or the setting in of quiet desperation for attention!!!

Ok, apparently some people love voyeurism… this takes the cake.  Seems just like some act of desperation.. “Ooohh… I need the rush!”…



Hmm… personally, let’s just say music would not be in my head if I said, the flute will not be played here or you won’t be hearing from my ding dongs soon enough… no sir ree!!!!  Big Ben here is just gonna have to find some REAL privacy to water the plants!!!

Hahahaha… 🙂