The Irony of Fitness and Sticks of Pleasures..

So, today on this lovely sunny Sunday as I stepped out of the gym, my enjoyment of the natural condition around me, the wonderful blue skies, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the fresh cooling wind was suddenly and rudely interrupted by a haze of puffed smoke… and ironically, these came from the very same gym mates who only moments earlier, sweated and puffed along side me, with faces committed to achieve a certain target on the treadmill. 

Hmm… irony… oh yeah!!! It’s a BIG irony alright!!!

I wonder what makes these people tick?  Or rather… what ticks in their heads?  What ticks when one thinks about exercising to get fit… and while the body works one way, their index and middle finger tightly grips the stick of pleasure in between them.

Forgive me for being generalising the matter, but though there may be many reason leading to being a puff monster but the ultimate result can be only one… and that result we’ve been taught since young and now appears on the front of cigarette packs sold everywhere.

Anyway, I didn’t write this to evangelise smokers here… I was just ranting because I felt good at the gym and even out of the gym until my image of hardworking healthy people was just shattered….


Well… Gym and Smoking is just wrong…

Wait a minute… that smoker is old… he isn’t suppose to still be old.. in reality, he may have died a long time ago.. if he was really a smoker… 😉