Angels and Demons Movie Review

Watched Angels and Demons yesterday and I totally enjoyed the movie!  As I began the show, I tried to recall back events and clips from The Davinci Code, thinking perhaps parts of the movie will be making a reference back to the earlier movie written by Dan Brown.  I was surprised to and glad to know that the movie had its own storyline.


The show had the feel of adventure movies in the past like National treasure except that it was “realistic” and WAY much better with Tom Hanks at the helm!  (I seem to compare Nicolas Cage with Tom Hanks a lot, but of course as much as I love Nicolas Cage, there is no comparison… Tom Hanks is definitely the true master of suspense and mystery.. and Nicolas… well, let’s just say he’s usually the comedic relief in movies that are just meant to be serious..)



Anyway, back to the movie… the pace and suspense is kept right up there from the start… but then again, anything that involves religion and deep meanings usually do always keep you on the edge of your seats..  I loved the fact that although it was about Christianity and beliefs, it was clear enough to be understood by non-Christians and those who are not stoic Christians.

With regards to the ‘chase’… there was just enough and not too much that will make it dizzying… so just right!  There is so much depth even in the cinematography that it’s a movie that will make me watch again and again..

If you haven’t watched it.. go with an open mind, and just be mesmerised! 😉