Excruciating Torture!!

Hmm.. what are your definition of modern day torture devices?  42-1974707042-19747101 


Yesterday was dentist day!!!  After having been avoiding the dentist for the last 5 years (took pride in the condition of my teeth thus far… well at least up to recently!), yesterday’s appointment was unavoidable as I had began to feel some pain in my lower right jaw…

Celeste was there too to have her teeth checked… I think she took it better than me considering that it was her first time EVER! Hehehehe…

So, with my great experiences of past fearful encounters with the “masked-kind” (dentists!!)… and their tools of torture, I reluctantly opened my mouth and braced myself… (hahaha… got the pun?  braced = braces?!!! Hahaha…. errrr… ok ok maybe it wasn’t so funny…)

Hmmm, do you notice how when the dentist talk… you can never tell what they are feeling?!!!!

Hmmm, must be something to do with their mask and their years of training, using their calm, emotionless voices to hypnotise you into thinking that the torture device in their hands would make everything fine… yeah fine AFTER THE PAIN!!!!!


Anyway… once the drill started… I have to say the whizzing sound that came from it is one of the most feared detail of this ordeal!! It was relentless… drilll… whizzz… drill… whizzz… drilll… whizzz… PAIN!!!!!!… drill… whizzz.. PAIN!!!!…. damn…

..and there I was helpless… with this lady dentist staring down my mouth… while my eyes looking for a point on the ceiling to focus on and “mentally” trying to fly away!!!…

With 2 cavities and 45 mins of repair… my body was numb… no… not the anesthetic… numb from gripping and flexing all my muscles each time the pain hit!!!


…and you know what was the parting message from the dentist after all this!!!!

…”If you should experience further pain after this time… you may be required for root canal repair….”

WHAT THE F$@#%!!!!!!

Root Canal Repair just means bringing me to the edge of pain-tolerance… no need to repair the canal of my root… just throw me into a canal some where!!!!

Hahahahahahaha… ouch… teeth hurts to laugh too much…… (kidding!)

;-)  Ciao (with a bright white “repaired” smile!!!)

Redesign… redesign…

I’m fighting the urge to redesign my blog!

Well… after bumping to some really cool templates I realised there is so much you can do with the look and feel of your pages!

Nevertheless, I’d like to think of this blog as being personal and all the elements I put here is my own.  I’ll stick to it… especially the part about being “sunny”!

Happy weekday people.  Hope it’s as sunny for you! 😉

A Whole New Meaning to Using Toilet in Public

Hmm.. I just came across this interesting little bit of news.  Apparently, in London’s tourists quarter, someone came up with the brilliant idea of a one-way mirrored toilet…

Wow… hmm… I wonder who would have thought of that?  Perhaps someone who’s sat long enough on the crapper and feeling that his/her life isn’t interesting enough.  Or the setting in of quiet desperation for attention!!!

Ok, apparently some people love voyeurism… this takes the cake.  Seems just like some act of desperation.. “Ooohh… I need the rush!”…



Hmm… personally, let’s just say music would not be in my head if I said, the flute will not be played here or you won’t be hearing from my ding dongs soon enough… no sir ree!!!!  Big Ben here is just gonna have to find some REAL privacy to water the plants!!!

Hahahaha… 🙂

Stay away from my Lunch!!!


Found this being sold online… dang… who would have thought of a simple idea like this! Hehehehe…

You have your freshly made sandwich and happily bring it to the office community fridge… where it should be safe, right?…

Well, WRONG!!!

Well, frustrations led to this cool idea… a “mould printed” paper bag!  Hehehe.. I love it!  Of course unless, the nosy office cleaning lady comes over and chucks it away…

But beware ok, don’t end up late one night, while at work and half asleep, going to the fridge and mistaking a real mould growth for this and start chomping down on it…

It wouldn’t be a pretty sight in the toilet later… 😉 Hahahaha…

Electrotango is the next sexy..

Working on some music ideas recently for an upcoming project, I came across the new fangled music (well, maybe not so new to Europe but certainly a new discovery to me) called ElectroTango… a fusion of Tango presented in a new fashion way of Electro music composition.

…and I find it pure and simply, sexy!!!

Some of you may recognise it from music used by Cirque du Soliel and similar performances… YES, it is the type of music used for that… very rhythmic… just nice for the steps used in the performance!

Just makes you want to stand up and strut, don’t it!?


Daily Motivations : Take a Bite Size at a Time

Sometimes you are just overwhelmed at the amount of things that gets dumped on you.  Whether it’s work, relationship, responsibilities or just your personal goals, there is a limit to how much you can “consume” at a time.

42-18636764Oh yes, I believe my mouth is bigger than hers…

So, just take a bite size.  It may be small, but you know you’re gonna finish that cake one way or another.

So, heads up people… and just enjoy the taste… Hehehe 😉

The Irony of Fitness and Sticks of Pleasures..

So, today on this lovely sunny Sunday as I stepped out of the gym, my enjoyment of the natural condition around me, the wonderful blue skies, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the fresh cooling wind was suddenly and rudely interrupted by a haze of puffed smoke… and ironically, these came from the very same gym mates who only moments earlier, sweated and puffed along side me, with faces committed to achieve a certain target on the treadmill. 

Hmm… irony… oh yeah!!! It’s a BIG irony alright!!!

I wonder what makes these people tick?  Or rather… what ticks in their heads?  What ticks when one thinks about exercising to get fit… and while the body works one way, their index and middle finger tightly grips the stick of pleasure in between them.

Forgive me for being generalising the matter, but though there may be many reason leading to being a puff monster but the ultimate result can be only one… and that result we’ve been taught since young and now appears on the front of cigarette packs sold everywhere.

Anyway, I didn’t write this to evangelise smokers here… I was just ranting because I felt good at the gym and even out of the gym until my image of hardworking healthy people was just shattered….


Well… Gym and Smoking is just wrong…

Wait a minute… that smoker is old… he isn’t suppose to still be old.. in reality, he may have died a long time ago.. if he was really a smoker… 😉

Angels and Demons Movie Review

Watched Angels and Demons yesterday and I totally enjoyed the movie!  As I began the show, I tried to recall back events and clips from The Davinci Code, thinking perhaps parts of the movie will be making a reference back to the earlier movie written by Dan Brown.  I was surprised to and glad to know that the movie had its own storyline.


The show had the feel of adventure movies in the past like National treasure except that it was “realistic” and WAY much better with Tom Hanks at the helm!  (I seem to compare Nicolas Cage with Tom Hanks a lot, but of course as much as I love Nicolas Cage, there is no comparison… Tom Hanks is definitely the true master of suspense and mystery.. and Nicolas… well, let’s just say he’s usually the comedic relief in movies that are just meant to be serious..)



Anyway, back to the movie… the pace and suspense is kept right up there from the start… but then again, anything that involves religion and deep meanings usually do always keep you on the edge of your seats..  I loved the fact that although it was about Christianity and beliefs, it was clear enough to be understood by non-Christians and those who are not stoic Christians.

With regards to the ‘chase’… there was just enough and not too much that will make it dizzying… so just right!  There is so much depth even in the cinematography that it’s a movie that will make me watch again and again..

If you haven’t watched it.. go with an open mind, and just be mesmerised! 😉


This Job is a Roller-Coaster

Isn’t it just the greatest job in the world?  I’m sorry but it may sound a little self-indulgent but you gotta give it to this job…

A job where you don’t just work for a single company but you are working on multiple projects for multiple companies!  It’s like you can expect different things every single day and the project environment changes according to what you are working on!

In one day, you could be putting yourself in the place of a cigarette company, working out event ideas and understanding the marketing mentality whilst working towards holistic planning in approaching set marketing goals, targets and ROI… The next day, you’re planning a costume party and understanding what entertainment works and what doesn’t for a bunch of 20 to 30 year olds… The very next day, you are in a board meeting advising a GLC company on the right approach for PR and event execution with a whole list of rationalisation to back-up your sales pitch! 

It’s excitement at its very peak! …and your mind could be reeling in the process of absorbing so much information and not to mention churning OUT information!

It’s a roller-coaster ride.  It’s a ROLLER-COASTER ride down to the trenches of seemingly impossible challenges and the peaks of euphoric triumphs…

The next ride is coming, gotta hop back in…

Ciao peeps!