Ah… the pleasures of dissecting ANYTHING at all, be it a single word, a few text, a paragraph, a situation, a real scenario, a hypothetical event, verbal words uttered in a conversation, a picture, a person, a group, emotions, thoughts, a dream, someone’s problem, your own difficulties, a little excitement, about something, a new muse, an old passion, etc……

That’s my escape.

Give me a word… and I’ll give you a 200-250 word paragraph relating to it.

You know what it is?

It’s the pleasure of letting your words (and thoughts) take you on a journey somewhere else other than where you are right now…sometimes simply because you need to get away and you physically can’t!

Everyone can think… and think a lot.  May not be the same as another, but that’s the beauty of reading another person’s writing… it’s always different.

So, go ahead, “elaborate”… that’s my word of the week.

Private Anatomies

Assholes, dickheads, pussies,… whether in English slangs or in other languages such as Chinese are all anatomies of a person.  We should all treat them with respect. 

They serve a certain function.  However dirty they can be sometimes, we still give them a good wiping or cleaning to make sure they stay clean for as much as possible.  But, unfortunately they don’t stay clean for long, so daily routine is required.

You need them to take care of all wastes from a well-groomed, properly functioning body.  On the outside, with proper attire and cover, all is good.

You can always tell if trouble is brewing through the waste that comes out of these anatomies… bloody stools, painful peeing, or simply the constant need to go to the toilet.  Yes.  Don’t underestimate these anatomies… they can give your whole system a world of hurt or simply very bad discomfort!

So, even though excrements like shit, hot air (farts), waste water comes out of them, remember be polite at all times and channel these out at the right private places and not in public.  No one wants to see you doing anything about these in public.

:-)  Take care of yourselves my friends, and do treat your assholes, dickheads, pussies and other parts of your body well.

Managing It

What do you do when a stressful schedule begs to intrude into your life and mind?

Well, we all would like to escape to someplace and just be “lost” to the world and to just think of nothingness…

These few weeks it is.

What do you do when you can’t physically leave?

…and your mind is in a fix and you can’t pin-point just one thing that may be the cause of this all?

Hmm… I come to remember having heard… “don’t eat a cake in one bite, eat it bit by bit”…

…but you know what?  That FREAKIN’ cake is damn huge!!!!