Morning Adventures @ Taman Tasik Manjalara

So, for my next early morning excursion, woke up at 6:15am and made my way to Taman Tasik Manjalara, just a mere 10mins drive from my home.  This was a small lake, but there were lots of people here, in contrast with the Desa Parkcity Waterfront Park.  So much so that I had to swerve and avoid other joggers as I ran along the path… 

DSC00002And as I jogged along that path, I counted up to at least 8 different groups in the entire area doing Tai Chi!… Mind you, these were large groups of people too! Hehehe…  One of these days, I must join one of the groups and see what the hype is all about!

Anyway, TTM wouldn’t be a place I’d come to every morning if I wanted a relaxing environment… but if I am looking at getting energised, I’d probably can “feed” off the energy of the people around here! 😉

Till my next adventure!!!