SALSAFIED! – What I learnt this week?

First class at Salsa was wonderful…

Suddenly, the same reason that made me fell in love with ballroom dancing years ago, all came back, the moment I took a step into the dance hall at Salsajay (Salsa Dance School in Petaling Jaya).

Joining some students who had been there for a couple of weeks, I was swept into the whirlwind of the dance!  No introductions, no formal hellos… it was like “Now Dance!!!!”… hahahaha…  What to do?  Having “jumped into the pool, I had to SWIM!”…  But, Jeamie (the wonderful instructor) and some really nice tutors made it look easy, even for us, the beginners… 😉

So what moves did I learn in my first class?

  1. The Basic Step
  2. The Inside Turn
  3. The Cross Body Lead
  4. The Cucaracha (Side to side)

Hehehehe… 10 mins into the class and I had to do ALL that! I was like “OMG!”… “OMG!”…. “HELP!”… I wonder if it registered on my face… well I don’t think anyone caught the ‘green’ complexion on my face! Hahahaha…  But soon into it, following everyone’s rhythm, I was soon getting into it. I’d like to think it was at least “believable”! Hehehe…

Anyways, at home now, and I’m trying it out… Got some Salsa music to have fun with… at least this coming week at the Salsa Club, I can dance a little instead of oogling at all the movements on the dance floor!

Get Salsafied!!! 😉