Morning Adventures @ Desa Park City

Hmm… lately, taking points to chill, relax and just enjoying the pleasures of an easy-going lifestyle comes into the balance.  I have been hitting the gym for a while now.  No doubt this has done wonders physically and mentally! 🙂 It is now a habitual activity which by this point I believe I would not be able to keep a balance function without.

DSC00059Anyway, coming from that, I have started to act on ravings by my fellow fitness friends about the pleasures of exercising outdoors.  So, yesterday morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am and drove over to Desa Parkcity outdoor park to check it out. 10 mins drive.

Hmm… I must say, the park looks spankingly new, of course by the fact that it’s only about a year ++ old.  I was there before sunrise, so I got to see others who has made this their daily routine… to wake up early and placate their desire for fitness.

DSC00062Well, conveniently I had my collection of Bossa Nova hits on MP3… I put on my earphones and when the music started, I was immediately taken on a pleasurable flight… keeping my feet off my pavement in slow strides, I started my jog around the park…

That got me hooked!  Hmm… somehow I had felt the sudden connection with the “cliché” scenes of American movies where the guy is jogging in the park or by the lake… hehehehe..  It is very enjoyable, the fresh air is a change from smelling the thick, humid sweaty air… compared to this, gym may seem a bit claustaphobic.  Hmm… I shouldn’t hammer the gym, cause I’m alternating both routine, one day gym, one day outdoors.  Of course at the gym, you get “electrically” charged… hmm… must have something to do with electrolytes… hahahaha 😉

Ok, enjoy the pics, more adventures to come as I visit different parks weekly!