Salsa!!! (not the food kind… it’s the dance…)

Some of you may have realised that I have recently embarked on a new passion… DANCING!!!  So is it a new thing?  A craze of the moment?

No… cause I’ve always loved to dance.  When I was 17 and studying here in Kuala Lumpur, I was always itching to do some stuffs in my free time after schooling hours.  Japanese classes, sign language classes and the short stint at Cyber cafes to see the new craze of internet at the time (Yes! I am THAT old… sigh…).. and most importantly, weekly dancing session at the Federal Academy of Ballet here in Bangsar… and NO it wasn’t ballet that I was learning, it was Ballroom Dancing 101..

What made me start?  Well, for starters I was in the hotel management line and dad always said that some knowledge and experience of cultured hobbies would be a great base to start this off.  Haha…. so ballroom dancing it was.

Well, that was then.. and now, after so many years, dancing again is at the top of my list (after gym of course) as one of the things I would do as a break, and escape!

And you know what’s the fringe benefits of Salsa Dancing?  Getting to know other friends who are as passionate about this!

So now… Saturday nights, instead of club hopping, getting pissed drunk, dancing silly with arms and legs swinging in all directions, laughing and shouting at whatever and most importantly the dough from one’s wallet flows out as fast as the liquid from each bottle and jugs ordered to the table (not that this happens all the time, but still.. most of the time); at the Salsa Club, I end up with a bottle of mineral water and a glass of coke! Hahahaha…

Imagine this… it’s a new thing for me… It’s Saturday night, and you are dancing and the only thing that passes down your throat is cool clear refreshing water that replenishes all the sweat from dancing… and if it’s a bit of sugar high you need to get your feet moving, a glass of tall long coke is all it takes.  Culture shock?  Yes, it is!

Hahaha, but, seriously, there’s always the best of both world’s.  Drinks are here also… but most importantly, you get sucked into this celebration of socialising and getting to know people!  Not hard to get to know new friends… ;-)  Well, my class starts next week, hoping my darling wife will follow suit and come with me as well… of course that is if she can stop laughing long enough to start dancing!!! Hahahaha…

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