A Blast and MORE!

Hennessy kicks of this year’s celebration with a blast!

The start of the 2009 season began with a blast of international performers Starz Angels.  From Paris, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas to France.  They are now in Malaysia kicking off the party season along with Caprice, our very own rebellious, boyish, YouTube heartthrob.

This year, the mix is finer and will be going down smoother than ever before!


Enjoy the sights and sounds from the party… !

Morning Adventures @ Taman Tasik Manjalara

So, for my next early morning excursion, woke up at 6:15am and made my way to Taman Tasik Manjalara, just a mere 10mins drive from my home.  This was a small lake, but there were lots of people here, in contrast with the Desa Parkcity Waterfront Park.  So much so that I had to swerve and avoid other joggers as I ran along the path… 

DSC00002And as I jogged along that path, I counted up to at least 8 different groups in the entire area doing Tai Chi!… Mind you, these were large groups of people too! Hehehe…  One of these days, I must join one of the groups and see what the hype is all about!

Anyway, TTM wouldn’t be a place I’d come to every morning if I wanted a relaxing environment… but if I am looking at getting energised, I’d probably can “feed” off the energy of the people around here! 😉

Till my next adventure!!!


SALSAFIED! – What I learnt this week?

First class at Salsa was wonderful…

Suddenly, the same reason that made me fell in love with ballroom dancing years ago, all came back, the moment I took a step into the dance hall at Salsajay (Salsa Dance School in Petaling Jaya).

Joining some students who had been there for a couple of weeks, I was swept into the whirlwind of the dance!  No introductions, no formal hellos… it was like “Now Dance!!!!”… hahahaha…  What to do?  Having “jumped into the pool, I had to SWIM!”…  But, Jeamie (the wonderful instructor) and some really nice tutors made it look easy, even for us, the beginners… 😉

So what moves did I learn in my first class?

  1. The Basic Step
  2. The Inside Turn
  3. The Cross Body Lead
  4. The Cucaracha (Side to side)

Hehehehe… 10 mins into the class and I had to do ALL that! I was like “OMG!”… “OMG!”…. “HELP!”… I wonder if it registered on my face… well I don’t think anyone caught the ‘green’ complexion on my face! Hahahaha…  But soon into it, following everyone’s rhythm, I was soon getting into it. I’d like to think it was at least “believable”! Hehehe…

Anyways, at home now, and I’m trying it out… Got some Salsa music to have fun with… at least this coming week at the Salsa Club, I can dance a little instead of oogling at all the movements on the dance floor!

Get Salsafied!!! 😉

Nuffnang Advert Hijacked

Eh?  How come my Nuffnang advert on the right of this page got hijacked?  It was a vertical Nuffnang advert, now it has become a Google advert…

Come to think of it, even the one on this main column… changed to Google Ad.

What the?!!! 8-0??

Morning Adventures @ Desa Park City

Hmm… lately, taking points to chill, relax and just enjoying the pleasures of an easy-going lifestyle comes into the balance.  I have been hitting the gym for a while now.  No doubt this has done wonders physically and mentally! 🙂 It is now a habitual activity which by this point I believe I would not be able to keep a balance function without.

DSC00059Anyway, coming from that, I have started to act on ravings by my fellow fitness friends about the pleasures of exercising outdoors.  So, yesterday morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am and drove over to Desa Parkcity outdoor park to check it out. 10 mins drive.

Hmm… I must say, the park looks spankingly new, of course by the fact that it’s only about a year ++ old.  I was there before sunrise, so I got to see others who has made this their daily routine… to wake up early and placate their desire for fitness.

DSC00062Well, conveniently I had my collection of Bossa Nova hits on MP3… I put on my earphones and when the music started, I was immediately taken on a pleasurable flight… keeping my feet off my pavement in slow strides, I started my jog around the park…

That got me hooked!  Hmm… somehow I had felt the sudden connection with the “cliché” scenes of American movies where the guy is jogging in the park or by the lake… hehehehe..  It is very enjoyable, the fresh air is a change from smelling the thick, humid sweaty air… compared to this, gym may seem a bit claustaphobic.  Hmm… I shouldn’t hammer the gym, cause I’m alternating both routine, one day gym, one day outdoors.  Of course at the gym, you get “electrically” charged… hmm… must have something to do with electrolytes… hahahaha 😉

Ok, enjoy the pics, more adventures to come as I visit different parks weekly!


A Kiss

Another one of those things that would just pop into my head at random… 😉 This time…


Kissing is taken so much nonchalantly, by a lot of us. When I say nonchalantly, I mean not just for the seasoned kisser, but those who almost never does it and when he or she does do it, they try not to “think” about it at all! Hence, nonchalantly…

Did you ever realise, THAT simple press of the lips is interpreted in hundreds of ways, done in thousands of methods and limitless number of reasons?

… showing love > a kiss from a mother to her child

… in the heat of passion > the locking of lips on two lovers

… the quick “I love yous” > a light touching of lips

… endearing greet > a kiss on the right cheek and then a hug

… social nuances > a kiss on the left cheek and then the right

… care and protection > a kiss on the forehead

… a friendly gesture > the flying kiss

… superficial love > the air kisses

… the love of an object > kissing an object in happiness

… and much more..


Kissing is passionate.

Remember, the time you kissed someone you really loved, with passion. At that single precise moment, you are oblivious to everything around you… your heart beats to a point that it’s the only thing that you can hear… every single part of your body tingles for the briefest moment then the tingling feeling rushes back to the tip of your lips just before it touches… your hands sweat, and your mind doesn’t stop computing… hundreds of images runs through your head, blurred to a point where it simply becomes non-sensical… your eyes lock looking for a sign, any-sign in the other persons eyes to say “everything is ok”… and just before your lips touch, your breath meets… that magical air of closeness…you inhale and savour its warmth… and then….

…the kiss.

Your entire world, everything that you know, at that precise moment, comes together to meet at that single point… the point of where your lips touch your lover’s… ;-)… and that’s the magic of a true passionate kiss…

A simple kiss tells of your emotion. If you cry and you kiss… your lips quiver as they touch. If you are happy and excited… your kisses are fast and you laugh and smile as you kiss.

The next time when you kiss… indulge yourself in that moment. Make sure you realise your emotions at that very point. Savour in and “record” the moment your lips touches…

  • …no matter how many times you kiss your husband rub his face
  • …no matter how many times you kiss your daughter on her forehead
  • …no matter how many times you kiss your mom and dad and tell them that you love them
  • …no matter how many times you feel that she is the right girl for you when you kiss her
  • …no matter how many times you show your trust and confidence with a simple kiss

… for that is one moment you will always want to build on and remember… the moment your lips “create” a little magical story of love in the pages of your life.

Goodnight everyone and



Salsa!!! (not the food kind… it’s the dance…)

Some of you may have realised that I have recently embarked on a new passion… DANCING!!!  So is it a new thing?  A craze of the moment?

No… cause I’ve always loved to dance.  When I was 17 and studying here in Kuala Lumpur, I was always itching to do some stuffs in my free time after schooling hours.  Japanese classes, sign language classes and the short stint at Cyber cafes to see the new craze of internet at the time (Yes! I am THAT old… sigh…).. and most importantly, weekly dancing session at the Federal Academy of Ballet here in Bangsar… and NO it wasn’t ballet that I was learning, it was Ballroom Dancing 101..

What made me start?  Well, for starters I was in the hotel management line and dad always said that some knowledge and experience of cultured hobbies would be a great base to start this off.  Haha…. so ballroom dancing it was.

Well, that was then.. and now, after so many years, dancing again is at the top of my list (after gym of course) as one of the things I would do as a break, and escape!

And you know what’s the fringe benefits of Salsa Dancing?  Getting to know other friends who are as passionate about this!

So now… Saturday nights, instead of club hopping, getting pissed drunk, dancing silly with arms and legs swinging in all directions, laughing and shouting at whatever and most importantly the dough from one’s wallet flows out as fast as the liquid from each bottle and jugs ordered to the table (not that this happens all the time, but still.. most of the time); at the Salsa Club, I end up with a bottle of mineral water and a glass of coke! Hahahaha…

Imagine this… it’s a new thing for me… It’s Saturday night, and you are dancing and the only thing that passes down your throat is cool clear refreshing water that replenishes all the sweat from dancing… and if it’s a bit of sugar high you need to get your feet moving, a glass of tall long coke is all it takes.  Culture shock?  Yes, it is!

Hahaha, but, seriously, there’s always the best of both world’s.  Drinks are here also… but most importantly, you get sucked into this celebration of socialising and getting to know people!  Not hard to get to know new friends… ;-)  Well, my class starts next week, hoping my darling wife will follow suit and come with me as well… of course that is if she can stop laughing long enough to start dancing!!! Hahahaha…

P1020018  P1020012 P1020017 P1010992 P1020002 P1010991 P1020015

A Friend In Town

I had a nice guest from Nottingham in town last Sunday evening.  Marianne, a friend of my good friend Jennifer Latham came by.  (Jennifer, if you’re reading this, you should have CAME down as well!!)… Anyways, a brief historical recap, Jennifer was a really good friend who gave me my first English treat in good ‘ol Birmingham, a nice little English dinner.  I never forgot that!  So, I owe her to bring Marianne around for an evening to see the sights. 

Well, being a seasoned globe trekker from Australia, Bali, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia etc.. I am sure backstreets and secret spots were where she wanted to head to.  We trotted from KLCC, to Skybar, for an amazing view of the towers from the top, nasi kandar for dinner (yes, her first time!.. hehehehe), Petaling Street and eventually, a spot of night scene in Bamboo at Taman Tun…

Here are the proofs!! ;-)  (Note to Marianne: I had as much fun as you did… !!  Hehehe…)

P1020238P1020247P1020241P1020235    P1020244P1020263

Lounge Music : Samantha James


New CD time!

Music In Style Vol. 2

So, I was on my music spending binge again and I got the album, Music In Style Vol 2 and I came across a piece which is simple to die for… errr.. I mean in the terms of simple having your breath stop and then rising into the light towards a place called “Lounge Heaven”…ahhhh….;-)

Lovely!  The whole CD was lovely.. but one particular track by Samantha James an American singer that has a casual, relaxed, lounge-styled voice caught my attention.

It was “Rain” by Samantha James.

Couldn’t find a clear piece of that on YouTube, but here’s another one of hers!…”Angel Love”..  Looks like this will be my fav genre for a long-long time to come…