The Pleasures of Ambience and Writing

Call me naive but having written articles and doing some freelance copywriting for 4 years now, I have just discovered the pleasures of finding the right places and ambience to write in. 

I used to think that when you put a pen to paper… or in this case.. fingers to keyboard, hehehe… you’d have to be totally focused and close-in on yourself while ignoring your surroundings.  Well, that’s one way of doing it, but it takes too much effort to try and block out your surrounding!

But, writing the last few issues for my mag, I have decided to find nice little lounges and cafes to do it in.

Talk about being REALLY naive…. hahahaha! Goodness.. laughing at myself.

So last Saturday I hung out at “The Apartment” in the Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Nice little place with the concept of a home… well, at least it tries to be!



It’s a nice place.. I was there at tea time so it was kind of quiet.  Hmm… the type of environment you would want to be in when you are pressured to finish an article which you’ve been putting off for WEEKS!!!! hahahaha… (errr… If my editor sees this, I wish to APOLOGISE profusely!!!!) 😛

Anyway, I realise that when you are comfortable and not distracted… the thoughts flow easily… and you can go on an on… (Coincidently as I am writing this blog, I am in Old Town White Coffee in Sri Sinar… hmm.. looks like I’ll be a kopitiam junkie soon)

Well, I ordered 2 plate of dishes from their tapas menu.. An Avocado salad and Chicken Liver Pate…. hmm… food was so so only… But then again, those were just to keep my mouth busy as my brain was working.


And of course my FAV drink… Ice Latte!


Looks like Nescafe Ice, doesn’t it?


Anyway… safe to say I finished my article as I took the last bite of my tapas… the 2 whole hours there was quite an enlightening experience… Must do more of this again!

Now… for my next article… (Yes… Mr Editor I am starting the next one early!) 😉

My Notes for a Happier Life

Some notes that we should always remember to make each of our lives a bit sunnier:

  1. Live life like you have only ONE LIFE TO LIVE!
  2. Kiss like you are giving LIFE to your lover
  3. Laugh like you are the only one in the room
  4. Dance when you are NAKED and see yourself smile and even LAUGH!
  5. Hug your child like you are her WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!
  6. Say "I LOVE YOU" as much as you say hello
  7. Tickle another and allow yourself to be TICKLED!
  8. Look in the mirror and smile, happy that YOU ARE YOU!
  9. Cry like a thunderstorm, because when the tears end like the rain, the SUN WILL APPEAR!
  10. Money comes and go, but LOVE IS FOREVER
  11. Spend more time on WHAT YOU HAVE than working for what you have not!
  12. Do you COMPLIMENT about good service as much as you complain about bad service?
  13. A nice thing you say to someone does AS MUCH GOOD FOR YOU as it does for that person.
  14. JUMP OUT OF BED instead of crawling.
  15. Write your FAVOURITE SONG list on the wall of your toilet and sing!
  16. TOUCH your partner every moment, every minute you are with her and FEEL it!
  17. Let people OWE you and don’t expect to OWE people.
  18. STRUT to work with your head up, don’t slouch!
  19. Practice your SMILE, not your FROWN!
  20. Most importantly, love yourself like YOU ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN YOUR WORLD!