Things That Guys Do For Their Car to Make Themselves Happy

Ok… I should be happy now???!!!

Hehehe… I’m still asking myself. 😛

Okay, so the first day of my "holiday" which started one week before the Chinese New Year break, I decided to make a surprise stop by my friendly local car modification shop and look for some "men stuffs" for my car. 

I tell, you testosterone levels and hard metal auto accessories are freakin’ related!!!  And they work together to put that smile in your face and that skip in your heartbeat.  Dontcha’ forget it…

Anyways, it started with a K&N Filter High-Flow filter that helps in improving engine air-flow resulting in better ignition and fuel-consumption = improved HP.. okay… yeah…


Next, a racing strut bar… for all that important cornering control.  How fast do you have to go around a corner to feel the effects of this?  Well, I may be just telling myself… but I think it works to a certain extent.  Plus, the bar just looks cool when you open up your engine during a TT session, sipping hot-coffee and pretending to be a fast driver with an "out-of-place" racing cap on your head. (Who am I fooling?)…


Okay, so the BIG thing was next.  An engine voltage regulator by the name of Hot Inazma.  It’s all in Japanese, people…  So, when the salesman told me about it… there was a pause in his voice… perhaps expecting me to go "ooohh…. ahhh… wow….".  And the sucker that I am, gave in…. With a satisfied smile, he promptly told me many a fanciful terms about how wonderful this product is.  Well, so much so, that you feel like just plugging it onto your own body and give yourself a little "accelerated excitement"!!! Hehehe…

Anyways, the thing, was soon plugged to the heart of my car.

hotinazma  hotinazma2


So the verdict after all that "toys that are suppose to make me happy?"…

As I drive my car down the road, I give off stares to other drivers, whilst thinking in my head… "yeah, I’ve done stuffs to these wheels, you don’t see it but I feel it"!

Guys, afterall, you do what you have to, to feel good right?  Hmm… maybe I’ll come back to this again when I can wrap my head around some terms which will be a bit more helpful… technically, that is… hehe…

14.1km per litre

So, there it was, 14.1km per litre…. wish it would have hit 15 or beyond, but that’s as far as it goes as I drove my Toyota Camry 2.0 on a bright sunny day down to Ipoh for CNY visiting…

Tell me people, does 14.1 sound reasonable?  But, then again reflecting the true consumption, you gotta know it averages out about 9.0km per litre when I drive it around the city like normal.


Making New "Sounds"

Ah… having time of your own…

Guys, once you realise your life begin to resemble an old record, not that an old record sounds any bad, songs which you play back so often you begin to hum it all the time even when you don’t think about it… So, when your life does begin to resemble it, you realise you gotta add a few notches in it to carve out "new sounds". 

Well, my new sounds have been my gym time and karaoke… YES!… you’ve heard about my gym time but Karaoke? Go ahead, laugh or smile or whatever you may be doing now…

But you know what?… I realise when you physically have to do something which requires some kind of effort or skill… be it aiding your health and fitness… you feel good and in this case, putting your vocal cords to work, you feel great!

It’s something you can say "HEY!  I’m doing something which I can try to get better at!!!"

So people… I’m singing.


Honestly, I’m a lousy singer… but that isn’t important (perhaps it is important to whoever happens to be at karaoke with me at the time because it’s a matter of "survival"… my voice may kill… yes… do laugh again… ;-)…) Well… what’s important is that I really enjoy that little "my" time.

I used to wonder why people sing at karaoke.  I even think it’s corny… well, call me corny, but I just realise what the Japanese had thought about when they first invented this little idea.

At the gym, there are no phones, computer, work, or worries.  There’s just you and what you can do.

At karaoke, it’s the same (I make it a point to switch off my phone)… There’s just you and how you sing.

It’s bliss I tell you…

Writing Again

Wow… between October and now was a long time.  Well, that’s what you get when you have a colourful season… one where the colours become so overwhelming you are blinded for a while forgetting to spend time doing what you started out to try, like writing and being "opinionated" about stuffs.

Well, I’ll be filling in stuffs here about what’s been happening, back-dating some perhaps. So if you come across things that suddenly appear before this post, you know I was "back in the past", gathering my thoughts and punching text here.