Learning Respect

"You may not always be right."

Always remember that.

…when you are helping someone

…when you are advising someone

…when you are sharing your thoughts

…when you state your opinion

…when you believe you are right

Sometimes it seems that you may be able to explain it all, but what life teaches you is that you may not always be right. 

It may sound right, it may feel right, but how do you know if it is right for someone else.  You may be doing more harm than good.

So, do learn to listen.

And not always be adamant about what’s right and what’s not.

Talking is a two way communication.


Checking Yourself and Your Head!

Well, the other thing that has developed in the last 2 months, is a new found respect and attention to the power of my thoughts…

Sometimes I think, I think too much…  See!  That in itself is already a paradox… thinking about trying not to think too much, definately not something you’d want to think about otherwise you’d think too much about not thinking… huh?  *head hurts*

Okay… okay…

Well, the last couple of months, I’ve been checking myself and looking at the things I’ve been doing so far in the last 10 years of my life.  That’s how long I’ve been working.  Evaluating.. the works of my life.  I’d spare you the details.. but know that there has been so much new experiences, ie. marriage, career building, fatherhood, starting a home etc… All the things that I now, really care about.

But, there is the flip side of it, there always is, the things that I’ve left behind, ie. carefreeness, partying, being irresponsible and having to be forgiven for it, being single… etc.

Call it early mid-life crisis… (which really shouldn’t be happening to me), but letting my thoughts run-away with those really didn’t help.

Well, things are better now.. in fact, perhaps better than it has been for a while now. I may have asked myself those questions to just check, but the answers to those has created a whole new way in which I look at my life.

I realise when you move on, you create new things and experiences in your life that truly meaningful.  Don’t look back… don’t look back because the life that you have left behind, is not yours any more to take back.  It has done it’s work, to teach you, educate you and to fill you with a past that is rich and full of truly wonderful experiences. And you bring this forth to a new life that is even more wonderful.  You learn to look at what you have and simply love life for them!

So, the last 2 months, I guess I grew a little more.. in my thinking. 🙂

Cam Whore in the Making

What’s that about?… you may ask…

Well, this part of the story is about my physical self…  A topic which I have never been really proud about… well up to NOW!!! 🙂 🙂

I’ve always been physically challenged in the area of body definition and looks (damn, did I just say that?  Sounds so gay!)

Anyway, with the last joke told to me in August about being a SANTA CLAUS for Christmas, I decided I’VE HAD IT!!!!!  Damn freakin’ fed-up and frustrated and sick and tired… of all those paunchy jokes… Yeah, I’m the one that finishes the dishes at the end of meals, loves the juiciest, oil dripping cuts, acquiring the habit of having sinful snacks while I enjoy the late evening entertainment… though all these are not usually true, it still hit close to the heart whenever it’s brought up!

So, it started in August…

A fitness regime that will make a difference. 

Fitness First, which I had neglected close to 2 years is suddenly now my favourite hang-out.  Rice, sugar, flour all  white stuffs… has now been categorised as ‘icky’ in my list of foods.

Food replacement meals, which I had tried before in the past but strangely enough with the motivation of a new me, now tastes even better ;-), oatmeal and dried fruit breakfast, a little help from Hydroxycut (spare me the explanation and google it up if you wanna know).. it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with fitness and health!!!


What do you get when you put all this in the mix along with a determination to change… well, see for yourself.





And friends… it’s still a work in progress ya!  Goals to be set in December and February… 😉

Busy for 2 Months…

Okay, so there was a 2 months absence from blogging.

What to say?  I’ve been busy…

Well a couple of interesting development have been the order of the last few months.

Of course, first and foremost has been something that I’ve been putting off for quite a while. 


Okay, that has got to do with me physically and mentally.

Alright, more details in the next blog entry.