New Business : Kenji Image Solutions

Officially today, on 4th August Kenji Image Solutions is in business!

Finally after a long, long period of just talking about it, I’ve finally registered the business…  Well, Kenji Image Solutions will be the official business title behind all my photography, writing, copywriting, and online stock image business.  I’ve been wanting to get it off the ground, but had to be wary of how I will be involving this in my current side jobs..

I do have a full-time job.. but this will just go on the side with the purpose of royalty collection as well.

Next thing I gotta do is redesign the my current site:

If you want to ask why I never picked Kenji Images or Kenjiimages as a business name… well, it wasn’t available.  Can you believe it?!!! Goodness.. well, maybe the guys behind the desk at the company registrar office just didn’t like it.. Oh well, just the same Kenji Image Solution it is.. (do you know that when I shorten the name, it spells out as "Kenji-Image-S"… "kenjiimages"?  Hehehe… still the same)

Oh ya… hmm.. gotta design a logo too..


  1. you have a nice business and website. you could make it more wonderful by getting google application for small business. so instead using gmail, u get for free from gmail.

    anyway, nice to know someone share a same name with me. good luck bro