Photo-Editing Course & Workshop

I will be starting a photo-editing course soon.  This is in collaboration with the magazine, "Click!" which I am currently writing for.

Yes, through my busy schedule, I am STILL doing this!  Well, to be honest, I had always wanted to keep a hold onto this hobby/passion of mine.  Like I said before, it’s a means of escape.

So this time, I am escaping via a photo-editing course which I will be conducting in September at the Click! Learning Centre. 

I’ll have more details soon as I work out the details of the course structure, eg, how long and what sort of things will be covered.  In the meantime, if anyone is interested, do contact me and I’ll see about booking a place for you.  Currently, we’ve had a group booking (that’s one of the reason behind the course).

Private School for Celeste

You know you come one full circle when you start making plans for school for your child.  Well, Celeste will be 4 in January and she will be an early beginner in kindergarten then.

We made a trip to Sri Bestari, a private school here in Bandar Sri Damansara, on Saturday, an Open Day at the school.  May I say I was well impressed with the place. 

sri bestari



We had always been concerned about where Celeste would eventually be schooling and some of the schools in our area, Taman Sri Segambut would not have been the best choice.   So, fortunately a friend of ours told us about a private school just nearby that had the best of private school education and facilities with a government school syllabus… 

I had always had the notion that private schools generally kept to themselves in terms of studying systems, and curricular activities.. but I was wrong here.  There were quite a few inter-school activities which the school participated in, and they had some excellent track records to prove their capabilities.

Well, kindergarten is a starting point for Celeste, but I am quite sure she will be comfortable studying here till she grows up to primary and secondary school with Sri Bestari.

Well, that aside, as a walked through the classrooms, labs and halls of the school, I suddenly felt a bit emotional… there was the sentimental familiarity with the place… almost as if it wasn’t very long ago that I was a student, myself.  Not that it made me feel old but that I somehow realise how much fun I had when I was studying, carefree and without any worries (except for homeworks and exams, which I would gladly trade for, with my current responsibilities!)

But, we’ve moved on… the best part of it is that I am able to do it right for my little princess… and I hope that one day, she looks back and realises that we’ve always wanted the best for her.

She’ll grow up to make me proud… 🙂








A Snooze and "D’oh!"

I realise it has been a while since I wrote… and I know why.  It’s not some intelligent and clever answer.. though that is what I would have liked to put here as a good come back message.

But I realise everytime I come back from work and get all excited about posting the next great thing to have happened, I end up on my comfy sofa in my study… and then ZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz… I would wake up and go "Doh!" at 7am in the morning…homer-doh








Ok ok on with my posts…

New Business : Kenji Image Solutions

Officially today, on 4th August Kenji Image Solutions is in business!

Finally after a long, long period of just talking about it, I’ve finally registered the business…  Well, Kenji Image Solutions will be the official business title behind all my photography, writing, copywriting, and online stock image business.  I’ve been wanting to get it off the ground, but had to be wary of how I will be involving this in my current side jobs..

I do have a full-time job.. but this will just go on the side with the purpose of royalty collection as well.

Next thing I gotta do is redesign the my current site:

If you want to ask why I never picked Kenji Images or Kenjiimages as a business name… well, it wasn’t available.  Can you believe it?!!! Goodness.. well, maybe the guys behind the desk at the company registrar office just didn’t like it.. Oh well, just the same Kenji Image Solution it is.. (do you know that when I shorten the name, it spells out as "Kenji-Image-S"… "kenjiimages"?  Hehehe… still the same)

Oh ya… hmm.. gotta design a logo too..